About Us

Louisville Catholic Sports Network (LCSN) is the leader in Catholic sports. LCSN is the ONLY media that connects 70 million Catholic Americans to one of their greatest passions - sports! For Catholics, sports serve to develop faith and character while creating friendships and teaching life’s lessons in teamwork, loyalty and respect. Whether participating recreationally or competitively, coaching or cheering, no other group shares their passion for sports like Catholics.

LCSN's goal is simple - to be the sports leader on line and on the field. From laptops to desktops to mobile devices, LCSN will provide the following:

  • National recognition for individual and team athletic achievements, including recognition of excellence in the classroom and community.
  • Recognition of outstanding performances of coaches and athletic directors.
  • Opportunity for high school coaches and administrators to promote their schools and athletes, and to follow Catholic sports on a national level.
  • A forum for Catholic Colleges and Universities to promote their athletic and academic programs on a national level.
  • Extensive, in-depth recruitment analysis of top Catholic athletes and coverage of the biggest games and tournaments.
  • National rankings of major Catholic high school sports and the creation of CATHOLIC ALL-AMERICAN teams for student athletes.
  • A Catholic multimedia platform, including online TV and radio, offering listeners and viewers regular newscasts, feature stories and streaming of select games.
  • Feature stories on athletes to include current and former Catholic sports celebrities, coaches and sports programs at the high school and college level.
  • Information and late breaking news via LCSN emails, text and more.
  • A schedule of webinars, containing compelling topics and guest speakers that will entertain and educate coaches, administrators, athletes and parents.