October 1st, 2010

Rivalry Game Produces Electric Atmosphere

Sarah Newell

CSN Staff Writer

Rivalry Game Produces Electric Atmosphere
photo by Chris Jung

From tailgates to student sections, The Game is all about pride

Tradition. Pride. Dedication. Bragging Rights.

All of these words describe the annual St. Xavier and Trinity Football high school rivalry. This year marked the 70th edition of the St. X vs. Trinity famous rivalry, and attendance reached 34,263 at the newly-renovated Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium.

The entire city knows the importance of the St. X vs. Trinity game, as even babies and toddlers were brought out to tailgate in green and white or green and gold. It’s very simple. For this game, you either attended the high school on Shelbyville Road or Poplar Level Road.

And even though these schools are noted for the same values and Catholic backgrounds, there is a definite divider that fills the air on the day of the “Big Game.” Ask any alum around town on that Friday morning, and they usually can tell you they will be out of the office by 3 p.m. to tailgate and get ready for a victory.

The tailgate at Papa John’s shows the dedication alumni have to their specific schools. Parents bring their young kids to enjoy music, dinner, and games before walking into the stadium for the main event.

Old classmates are able to rekindle memories from the hallways while their own kids make new memories with future high school classmates. Even grandparents that have graduated from these two Louisville Catholic Schools come out to celebrate the rivalry – and celebrate the friendships and traditions that continue to make it great.

What makes these players, coaches, alumni, family and friends leave work early and attend events all week long to honor this rivalry? Alumni on each side will tell you it’s a brotherhood. A brotherhood that formed among classmates long ago, but that will remain until their last days. And this brotherhood reaches down generations to generations.

The St. X vs. Trinity tailgate show family and friends eating, dancing, playing football and enjoying one another’s company. And while friendly banter is the name of the game out in the parking lot, everyone knows it’s time for business once 8:00 p.m. rolls around.

The student sections for each school cheer relentlessly for four quarters and each side has cheerleaders guide the spirit. The St. X and Trinity students stand behind their athletes until the final second of the game, and the brotherhood bond links the students to the players themselves. These students, as well as the teams themselves, know this is not just a game in the season. It stands for much more than that.

The players play for the history of their programs and all of the men that have attended their schools. When the game is done, the winning team is of course thrilled beyond belief, yet both schools still seem to hold onto the same values they started with…Tradition. Pride. Dedication. And Bragging rights.

Well this year, that goes to Trinity for it’s 48-0 victory. But there’s always next year, and St. X is already counting down the days.

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