October 12th, 2010

Mattingly Credits Education For His Success

Sarah Newell

CSN Staff Writer

Mattingly Credits Education For His Success
photo courtesy of Chip Mattingly

St. X grad thriving professionally in Louisville

Chip Mattingly grew up a Louisville boy surrounded by sports.

He remembers Thanksgiving Day family celebrations playing football in the backyard with his dad, Paul Mattingly, and his brothers Nick and Dane, along with extended family members Oscar, Greg and Brian Brohm. So it’s safe to say he learned from a talented team.

Mattingly participated in baseball, football and basketball as a child. He participated in Hikes Point Leagues, and he developed friendships on those teams that would last for years.

“I met Bernard Jackson when I was about eight years old,” said Mattingly. “We played football together. His dad was my head coach at Hikes Point, and Bernard was like my brother. He looked out for me. We ended up playing linebacker next to one another for the next ten years.”

Mattingly attended a number of elementary schools. By his eighth grade year, his family attended St. Margaret Mary Church, where he played and won city in baseball and football.

When it was time to choose a high school, he decided between Male and St. Xavier. Chip’s father, Paul, had gone to DeSales High School, but in the end Chip had a neighbor that went to St. X that helped influence his decision. Chip was the first one in his family to go to St. X. Then, his brothers Nick and Dane would later decide to attend the school as well.

Mattingly explained that his football experience at St. X taught him lessons he could use for the rest of his life.

“St. X taught values that are now instilled in me,” said Mattingly. “They teach guys about doing things the right way.”

Chip won state titles in football his sophomore and senior years at St. X. Chip and his brothers played at St. X throughout eight consecutive years. Their mother, Kathy Mattingly, helped out the team with anything they needed from uniforms and equipment to team events.

“My mom was (Head Coach Mike) Glaser’s right hand woman. She was the team mom,” said Mattingly.

Chip’s favorite memory was the state title his senior year. “We lost to Trinity in the regular season, and I remembered thinking this wasn’t going to happen again. In the state championship, it was miserable, so cold, but we won.”     

Chip played his four years at St. X alongside childhood friend, Bernard Jackson. He said he would not have been the same successful player if it were not for Bernard. Chip stated that he took Bernard home from practice everyday, and they still maintain their friendship to this day.

When it was time to choose colleges, Chip and Bernard split ways, but they took their football traditions with them to their new teams.

Chip decided on a college not too far away from St. X to continue playing football. And it worked out that he got to follow his father, Paul, to a school that has quite a football tradition.

“As soon as John L. Smith came to my house and talked to me in my living room, I looked at my dad and said ‘I’m going.’ My dad played there, but my parents still wanted me to make my own decision,” said Mattingly.

At the University of Louisville, Chip was named Outstanding Special Teams Player in 1998 and 2001. His brothers Nick and Dane also followed and attended UofL in the next few years. According to Chip, to this date, the Mattingly family holds the only father-sons combination to win conference championships at UL.

“My favorite game at UL was at the Liberty Bowl. I caught the touchdown pass right before halftime,” said Mattingly. “I’m getting chills just thinking about it!”

Looking back on Chip’s entire football career, he mentioned the importance of St. Xavier’s teachings.

“We learned to thrive on stress. When you can’t drive a car and you’re a sophomore expected to perform at the St. Xavier vs. Trinity game in front of 30,000 people, that’s stress,” said Mattingly. “After college, I worked out with the Giants, Browns and Dolphins. I fought to get on teams. When I decided to move on from NFL football, I didn’t know what I was going to do, but I knew I was going to be successful at it. St. Xavier taught me work ethic and drive.”

Today, Chip owns and operates Key Financial Mortgage with friend Jerrod Jarboe in Louisville. He says he loves his job and helping people in the community make important choices about mortgages.

Chip is married to Cindy Mattingly, and they have an eight-month-old son, Aiden, together in Louisville, Ky.  When it comes to Aiden’s future, Chip said he wants his son to grow up learning the faith he learned from his parents and the values he learned in high school.

“My dad couldn’t have done it better,” said Mattingly. “He didn’t put pressure on me, but he made me follow through. My dad always said, ‘Losing builds character.’ I think I will take that to my grave."

And as far as choosing a school for his son, Aiden, the choice seems clear.

Said Mattingly: “He’s going to go to St. X. The values are second to none. There is passion at St. X. It’s a brotherhood. The guys you meet there create bonds that can’t be broken.”


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