May 6th, 2010

Trinity Swimming Alive And Kicking

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Trinity Swimming Alive And Kicking
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Kraus builds Rocks swimming into contender


At the 2001 Kentucky High School State Swim Meet, the Trinity High School swim team was an afterthought. A below average result at the state meet registered just 21 points for a 26th place finish. The 2002 season brought a similar result: 32 points and an 18th place finish.


Enter Wayne Kraus. Since taking over the swim team in the ’02-’03 season, Kraus has engineered the Rocks’ steady climb in the first decade of the 21st Century. They are now a legitimate contender to win the championship every year. It took a little time and a lot of hard work, but Kraus is proud of what this team has accomplished.


“Ten years ago we were not competitive in swimming and diving,” Kraus said. “We knew it would take some time, a period of growth, before we could get where we wanted to be.  And in the past four years, we’ve been giving the top teams in the state a real challenge in every event.”


The results speak for themselves. From those below average finishes between 2001-2003 -- 26th, 18th and 18th -- to these sterling finishes:

2007: 2nd
2008: 3rd
2009: 5th
2010: 2nd


A big leap for Trinity. From not close to being competitive, to four top-5 finishes in four years.


“We put a lot of time and energy getting the students excited about Trinity swimming,” said Kraus. “We got a lot of students involved, attracted some outstanding swimmers and the results kept getting better.”


In addition to competing with the elite teams in the state, the past two seasons have brought unprecedented individual success to the team as well. Seven Trinity swimmers and diver Andrew Galvagni have earned High School All American status. (see box below) Those types of results come from hard work, dedication, a positive approach and an atmosphere that aspires to be the best.


Kraus has been at the helm for eight years. Early on, he designed a unique event to get the swimmers excited. He created the “Rock The Block” invitational swim meet.


“’Rock The Block’ is a unique format. It’s a fun, fast-paced, inclusive meet for all levels of swimmers,” said Kraus. It’s been very successful, getting nearly 500 entrants and more than 35 schools to participate every year. It’s now 8 years old.


The coach notes that, “We wouldn’t be able to do this without the incredible support from team parents.”


In addition to “Rock The Block”, Trinity created and hosts another event called “Girls Night Out”. Started in 2008, the “Girls Night Out” Invitational Meet has been on the schedules of a majority of local and regional girls’ swim teams ever since. A portion of the proceeds for the meet gets donated to The Blanket of Hope Society – a breast cancer support group. To date, Trinity H.S. swimming has donated over $3,500 to the organization.


Kraus has built a competitive program, created a fun format for a swim meet as well as a top-notch charity event in his 8 years as coach.

“But the aspect for which we’re most proud,” he states, “is the reputation we’ve built throughout the state as a strong team. “And the respect we’ve earned from not just opposing swimmers, but the coaches and the support groups for those teams has been tremendous. Our student-athletes and our parents are doing things the right way and it’s to their credit that people around the state have taken notice.”


Trinity H.S. Swim Team All-Americans

Andrew Galvagni – 4-time All-American diver. Scholarship to East Carolina Univ.

John Kinney – All-American in 50 Free. School record holder in 50 free, 100 free and all three relays. Scholarship to Xavier University.

Patrick Kemme – 2009 All-American in 100 Breastroke.

2009 medley relay – earned All-American ranking (John Kinney, Rick Stewart, Patrick Kemme, and Matt Frank)

2009 200 free relay – earned All-American ranking (John Kinney, Spencer Walsh, Rick Stewart, and Patrick Kemme)

2010 200 free relay – earned All-American ranking (John Kinney, Spencer Walsh, Nate Bond, and Matt Frank)



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