September 21st, 2010

Catching Up With Bills' QB Brian Brohm

Chris Jung

Senior Writer

Catching Up With Bills' QB Brian Brohm
photo from the Buffalo Bills

Trinity alum gives Q&A to

If a psychologist was to conduct research in Louisville utilizing the “word association” experiment and ask people to respond with the first word they think of when they hear the name “Brohm,” the majority would undoubtedly respond with “football.”

And for the modern, local football fan, when you hear the name Brian Brohm, you instantly think of Trinity High School football, Sports Illustrated covers, state championships, and epic clashes with (Male High School’s) Michael Bush. The diehard Shamrocks fan might even be able to rattle off the following Brohm achievements during his four years at Trinity:

- Named USA Today Offensive Player of the Year

- Threw for 10,579 yards and 119 touchdowns in his high school career

- Guided team to a 15-0 record in the state playoffs

- Finished second in state history in career passing yards and career touchdowns

- Selected 2003 Kentucky Mr. Football

Since his days in St. Matthews, Brohm has taken a path filled with ups and downs, but his demeanor has never wavered. His career at Trinity catapulted him into elite quarterback status, which afforded him the opportunity to attend his hometown University of Louisville, and to eventually earn the role as starting QB for the Cardinals.

In 2005, after entering the game for at least one series per game as a true freshman, Brohm followed in the footsteps of his father (Oscar) and brother (Jeff), by becoming a starting quarterback at UofL. Brian’s brother, Greg, also played football at Louisville.

At the end of his sophomore season, Brohm missed the final regular season game and the Cardinals’ postseason game (Gator Bowl) due to a knee injury. The next season, Brohm missed nearly a month due to a thumb injury in a year he was projected to be a Heisman Trophy candidate. But he returned to lead the Cardinals to an Orange Bowl victory, where Brohm was the game’s MVP.

After much speculation and projection, Brohm decided to return to Louisville for his senior season, stating that he wanted to hold off on his NFL dream and go for a college national championship. And despite a season where he threw for over 4,000 yards and 30 touchdowns, the Cards went 6-6, and the program missed a bowl game for the first time in the decade.

In the 2008 National Football League Draft, Brohm was drafted in the second round (56th overall) by the Green Bay Packers, and wound up listed as third string on the depth chart. After much excitement over his arrival, Brohm was waived by the Packers in September, 2009 after only starting in a single game, and was signed to the team’s practice squad.

Two months later, Brohm was signed off the Green Bay practice squad by the Buffalo Bills – the organization he still plays for, still as a third string quarterback behind Trent Edwards and Ryan Fitzpatrick.

The Bills, who played Brohm’s old team (the Packers) in Week 2, are off to a 0-2 start to the 2010 season. Might Brohm get another shot at running a NFL team?

Last week, had the chance to catch up with Brohm, to find out how his days at Trinity influenced and still influence his collegiate and professional career, and what he misses most about the city of Louisville. Below are the highlights of that conversation. What characteristics did you develop during your time at Trinity High School that played a role in your professional football career?
Brian Brohm: “I think the biggest thing is hard work and discipline. Those are the two things that they really tried to instill in me and those are the things that have helped me get to the point where I am today. Working hard every single day, staying discipline in what you do, trying to do things the right way, and good things will happen  if you do things the right way. I just keep pushing forward and keep working.” How has your faith played a role in your athletic career?
“I think it helps to keep me grounded. There’s always one source that you can go back to if you’re getting too big of a head and things are going really well on the football field, you still want to stay grounded and stay humble. At the same time, when everyone’s down on you and things aren’t going so good out there, you can really look to your faith for guidance and how to stay positive and stay upbeat.” Which would you rather have? Trinity never loses to St. X again in football or a Super Bowl ring?
(Laughter) “Selfishly, I would take the Super Bowl ring, but that Trinity – St. X rivalry is a huge game and I don’t think it’s every going to come to the point where any team is going to be dominant over the other, which makes it so much fun. You never know who’s going to win that game. That’s really what makes the rivalry so great.” Who has had the best arm in the family? You, Jeff, or your Dad (Oscar)?
(Laughter) “My arm is definitely the best. That would be debated. I think if you asked any of us, we would all say ourselves. That’s a fun question to ask. My dad had a good career playing in college and obviously taught us everything when we were growing up and helped us become quarterbacks. My brother, Jeff, had a great career. Jeff helped me and molded me in to the quarterback that I am. So, I really can thank him for helping me get to where I am today.” What do you miss most about the city of Louisville?
“My Family. Being able to go over to mom and dad’s house and just hang out on a day off. I can’t do that up here, but they get up here every once in a while to visit and that’s always fun. It’s not too far of a drive. It’s only seven and a half, eight hours. So, they’re able to get up here, but that’s definitely the thing I miss the most.” What has been your proudest football achievement to date? What has been your proudest "life" moment to date?
BB: “In football, getting to the BCS bowl game (Orange Bowl) in college was something that, when I chose to go to Louisville, that’s something that I wanted to do for the program and help us get to new heights as a program. That really elevated our program. I think we sold out every single game when I was there. So, that was a lot of fun. In life, that’s a tough question. Just (living my life) day to day, trying to do the right things. I don’t think there’s any moment that’s stuck out that’s been a great life moment, but (living) day to day and trying to do the right things, keeping my values right and remembering the faith and family are very important in my life.


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