September 22nd, 2010

Delegates Vote For Spring Practice Proposal

Chris Jung

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Delegates Vote For Spring Practice Proposal
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Kentucky footbal teams would be able to start season earlier

For years, Kentucky high school football teams have not been able to begin spring practice until the Monday after their school's basketball team was eliminated from postseason play. Until now.

With a vote of 159-40, the Kentucky High School Athletic Association (KHSAA) recently favored a new rule that will allow teams to hold 10 spring football practices during a three-week window at any time between the end of basketball season and the end of the school term. The proposal was voted upon during the KHSAA's annual meeting of delegates in Lexington, Ky.

DeSales High School football Head Coach Mark Sander said the ruling will more than likely benefit larger class schools where a majority of football players might not participate in another sport.

"The advantage can be huge to the large class systems because most of their players might not play another sport in the spring, so that school could have full padded practices with most all their players and get a lot of work accomplished," said Sander. "For the smaller class schools, like (DeSales), we have players that play other sports in the spring and we do not get a full 11-on-11 in pads at all."

While this rule is not yet definite, it would be put into motion in 2012 if the KHSAA Board of Control and the Board of Education decide to approve it. If they do, teams like St. Xavier would actually consider even holding spring practice for the first time.

"It (would allow us) to have spring practice in decent weather and for more athletes to be available if you go during the month of May," said St. X Head Coach Mike Glaser. "We will actually consider having spring practice, as we have never used spring for the entire team."

As for the 40 votes that were cast against the proposal, Glaser believes that those delegates did not want to affect the spring sport athlete.

"For the most part they probably feel that some how they would lose their spring sport athletes. This still should not happen," said Glaser. "If an athlete is still participating in a spring sport, he should not participate in football practice."

The new rule would require football programs to notify the KHSAA by Dec.15 of each year when they will conduct spring practice. An amendment to the proposal would cap the amount of practice time each day at two hours.


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