September 9th, 2010

"20 Key Questions" With Garrit Leicht

Chris Jung

Senior Writer

"20 Key Questions" With Garrit Leicht
photo from DeSales High School

DeSales RB takes part in first-ever "questions" segment

Each week, will be getting to know a new student-athlete from the area by asking him/her a series of 20 key questions - some in-depth, some lighthearted - that will provide insight into the thoughts and personalities of the boys and girls who are doing great things on and off the local courts, fields, tracks, and courses. Below are the "20 Key Questions," brought to you by Key Financial Mortgage LLC.

This week, "20 Questions" features DeSales High School running back Garrit Leicht. One of the state's top backs, Leicht has the Colts off to a 2-1 start in the 2010 season and has already accumulated 229 rushing yards and four touchdowns in three games. He is a leader for his team and excels in the classroom with close to a 4.0 GPA and an exemplary score on his ACT, which will undoubtedly make Leicht a hot recruit by season's end.

Leicht and DeSales will take on Catholic rival Holy Cross on Friday. Check back to for full coverage of the game.

View the video to the right for highlights from Leicht's on-field achievements, and read below for Garrit's "20 Questions" and for the answers (verbatim) that he provided.

1. What is your favorite "pump up" music on game day?

I like a little Eminem on the bus ride.

2. What is your ideal meal/snack before a game?

The moms' pregame meal at Desales.  Usually a chicken wrap in there.

3. Cats or Cards?

Got to take the Cards.  Brother's on the team.

4. Which athlete do you look up to on a college/professional level?

Jared Allen.  He's a play-maker and exciting to watch.

5. What is your favorite movie quote?

"All work and no play makes jack a dull boy." (from “The Shining”)

6. How does your faith impact your approach to sports?

Being at a Catholic school, I think faith brings us together as a team.

7. What keeps you motivated?

My dad

8. All time favorite board game?


9. Blackberry or iPhone?

Neither, I have an iTouch. I guess that counts

10. Favorite Facebook function?

Sometimes I IM (instant message) my friends

11. What is your favorite reality TV show?

I'm not into reality TV, but maybe a little Jersey Shore

12. What is your favorite pro team?

(Minnesota) Vikings

13. What is your best quality/characteristic?


14. Gatorade or Powerade?


15. What is your favorite hour of the day?

7:30 (p.m.) on a friday

16. Best smart phone app?

Fat Booth

17. Jacob or Edward?

I hate that movie

18. What is one hidden talent that you possess?

I can do a pretty good impression of our head football coach, Coach Sander

19. What is one thing you wish scientists would invent?

A time machine

20. What is your proudest athletic moment?

Playing my hardest in a state title game



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