November 17th, 2011

Trinity Grade School Jamboree: Day Three

Brad Knoop

Staff Writer

Trinity Grade School Jamboree: Day Three
photo by Brad Knoop

Week of hoops rolls along with another slate of games

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It’s not even Thanksgiving but it sure looks like basketball season. Two gymnasiums on the Trinity High School campus were filled with teams and parents. Clocks were running. They were keeping score.

And that game experience is what attracted so many grade school teams to the Trinity Grade School Basketball Jamboree this week.

Forget the fact that some kids don’t yet have their new sneakers. Or that some teams haven’t yet handed out full uniform sets. Coaches love the chance to see their teams respond in game situations.

It was so early in the year, St. Patrick’s 8th Grade "B" team had to call a time out less than a minute in the game. “We haven’t worked on beating a 1-3-1 yet,” a coach explained of the stoppage in play.

A St. Michael coach called a time out when he noticed his team not blocking out. “I guess I know what we’re gonna be working on this week,” he said.

Even veteran officials like Jim Gutterman and Tim Fries were getting back into the basketball routine.

“Guess I better test this whistle out,” Fries joked during one of the games.

Teams competing in CSAA competition have all winter to tune their teams. And this opportunity is a great start.

Seven games in two gyms kept Trinity staff and basketball players busy Wednesday night. They have a light schedule Thursday before the big finale of games on Saturday.

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Wednesday's results:

6th Grade "A"

  • St. Albert def. St Edward

8th Grade "B"

  • St. Mary def. St. Michael
  • St. Agnes def. St. Patrick
  • Our Lady of Lourdes def. Holy Trinity
  • St. Bernard def. St. Raphael
  • St. Margaret Mary def. St. Aloysius
  • St. Martha def. Holy Spirit

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