March 25th, 2011

Elementary Excellence: Holy Trinity

Sarah Newell

CSN Staff Writer

Elementary Excellence: Holy Trinity
photo courtesy Don Kohler

Increasing participation is key to Eagles' success                          

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Holy Trinity Parish School’s Athletic Director Don Kohler and Booster Club President Jody Demling completely agree on the fundamental beliefs and goals for their athletic department.

Those basic ideas continue to lead the way for Eagles’ triumphs in various sports.

“We really want all of the kids to participate and compete. Everyone can play. We don’t emphasize winning as the most important part of the sports program,” said Kohler. “We have a lot of kids that want to play sports and have fun.”

Demling added a similar message regarding hopes for the Eagles.

“We would love to see 100% athletic participation,” said Demling. “As far as goals for our Booster Board, no matter what, most important is to keep growing in participation. Don, myself, our boosters, we’re all in it for the same reason,” said Demling. “It starts with Father Chuck, and then our whole parish. We work together as one family to do it the right way.”

Through a concerted effort in building athletic participation, the school has seen their kids compete and have fun together. In addition, the school has “enjoyed the most success in swimming,” according to Kohler. This year, HTPS took home second place in the CSAA Swim Championship. In addition to swimming, HTPS took home three city championships in basketball for two 6th grade boys’ teams and one 6th grade girls’ team. 2010 golf, volleyball and cross-country teams also saw success with two championships and podium finishes, respectively.

Kohler, who is in his 6th year as Athletic Director, says the amount of participation has been incredible across the board for sports.

“We had 24 basketball teams (boys and girls) in grades 5th-8th in this past year,” said Kohler. “That’s just one example of the participation. “For the first year, we had 1st and 2nd grade girls participate in a league offered by St. Albert the Great. We want everyone to get involved at every level.”

Holy Trinity Parish School, located off Chenoweth Lane in St. Matthews, offers sports of all kinds to the students. Indoor lacrosse is just one sport HTPS offers to the kids in 5th-8th grades, as the school leads the way with teams in this upcoming activity.

“Any sport out there, we’ve got kids that want to do it and be a part of it,” said Demling. “We like to see the kids active and involved at an early age, and we have dedicated volunteers who help the kids in their sports.”

Demling also says that the administration, coaches and parents are vital parts that help make the athletic process “a well oiled machine.” HTPS's Booster Board has even recently launched for the Parish to check out organized information and results on sports teams in the parish.

“We have so many good people involved,” said Demling. “We have a great group of volunteers, good coordinators and the right people in place. Each sport has its own coordinator, and they do a great job. At Holy Trinity, we’ve had very few issues to deal with and it’s been a smooth process altogether and for me with the Booster Club because of this great board and the people involved.”

Demling says the goal for administration is to continue adding coaches and volunteers that will make a positive impact for the athletes.

“We’ve been blessed with good coaches,” said Demling. “We have several parent and non parent coaches willing to help young ones and emphasize on the field sportsmanship.”

As the Eagles continue to march into spring and summer sports this year, Kohler says the school’s athletics will stand by the values that have upheld their sports teams since the days when Olympic Swimmer Mary T. Meagher went to school there.

Said Kohler: “We pride ourselves on making sure we’re doing the right thing from a spiritual and competitive standpoint. This year, we will hand out the Mary T. Meagher Awards, as we do year to year, to one 8th grade boy and girl athlete who have participated in sports and exude great characteristics in academics and their spirituality. Overall, we want to place the kids in the right spot for the best shot to compete the right way.”


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