June 24th, 2011

Hyland's Heroes: Scott Minton

Chris Jung

Senior Writer

Hyland's Heroes: Scott Minton
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Voice of the Jaguars has become a part of Mercy family

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If you've attended a Mercy Academy girls basketball home game during the past 12 years or so, you've likely been treated to the friendly and familiar pipes of "the voice of the Jaguars," Scott Minton.

For more than a decade, Minton has dedicated a large chunk of his free time to the Mercy athletic program and engrained himself into the Jags' circle, offering his talents on the microphone and at the scorers' table.

An avid basketball fan, baseball umpire, an advocate of youth sports in Clarksville, Indiana, Minton started getting involved with Mercy when his wife, Becki, took a position with the school as a math teacher in the late 1990's. Attending nearly all of the games, Minton decided it was time to get more involved.

"We went to all the games there because I love high school basketball. It's one of my favorite things to go watch," said Minton. "We were sitting there one night, and I noticed that at the home (basketball) games that there were just a few of the girls doing the announcing. Since we were traveling so much, I was getting to know a lot of the players and coaches, and went to a few of them with an idea."

"I told (Mercy Athletic Director) Mark Evans and Tom Crone, 'We're here all the time anyway....why not do something to kind of liven it up," Minton continued. "So Tom decided he would work the scoreboard and I said, 'Well if you do the scoreboard, I'll do the announcing.' We took over from there and 12, 13 seasons later, we've been doing it together since."

Minton has become a fixture from the announcer's position and has even taken on volleyball and softball announcing duties at different times during his association with the Jaguars.

"I've seen quite a few state championships in volleyball and one in basketball. And I've seen a few runner-ups for softball," said Minton. "So I've watched the program really, really blossom over the time that we've been involved at Mercy."

Despite having to cut back some after having two daughters, Minton has remained committed to his role at Mercy and has become a fixture within the Jaguar community. His knowledge and passion for the school even triggered some of the school administrators to ask Minton to be involved with Mercy's annual fundraising benefit, "Benefit Off Broadway."

Mercy Academy held its 16th annual "Benefit Off Broadway" back in February of this year. The event used to be called "Benefit On Broadway" when the campus was actually located on Broadway in Louisville. Mercy moved to a new campus on Fegenbush Lane during the summer of 2007.

"I've had a lot of pleasure doing (the event)," said Minton, who has either chaired or co-chaired "Benefit Off Broadway" for several years. "Jeanine Triplett and Kelly Setser and the development office just does such an awesome job of running the entire thing. It's obviously instrumental that we have people volunteer their time to go out and collect donations for it, but Mercy has really developed an easy way to run that (event). It's so structured."

Between his athletic responsibilities and volunteer hours with the aforementioned benefit event, Minton certainly stays busy by continuing to commit to the school, but he says there is one primary factor that always brings him back.

"It's the kids," said Minton. "They're all super, good kids. Most of them are overly appreciative. They'll come up to me and say 'Thanks' and that they appreciate what I do. And they say that it adds a dynamic to the game and makes it a lot more fun for them to be out there. And that's really what it's about. They enjoy it. I enjoy it. And I get to spend time with people that I like. It's basically become a big family atmosphere."

Minton's two daughters, who are now 8 and 5 years old respectively, have several years before beginning to think about high school options. Despite the time remaining before such a decision is made, the fact that Scott and Becki Minton are both graudates of Jeffersonville High School, and considering the Minton's home being located in southern Indiana, have they still discussed Mercy as a possibility for their girls?

"Most definitely," said Minton. "Obviously we want to give them that choice, but that's definitely something that we talk about."

And what are the factors that make Mercy a realistic option down the road for Minton?

"I think parental involvement's been the huge key," said Minton. "My wife actually left Mercy for a year and went to a different school in Southern Indiana, and there wasn't the same type of involvement from parents. People weren't that engaged with their kids and the students, and things of that nature, and that's something that my wife is very passionate about."

What started as just a way to bring more excitement to the athletic events at Mercy, has turned into a valuable experience for Minton, and has produced meaningful results.

"I've gotten a lot of really good friendships out of it," said Minton. "I just can't say enough about the great people I've gotten to know at Mercy. The teachers are great. And we've really developed some wonderful relationships through the entire process."

Minton's wife has no plans in leaving Mercy Academy in the near future, but if she was gone, would Scott Minton continue to be the voice of the Jags?

Said Minton: "I guess it's possible. Mercy has a special place in our heart and in my heart in general. It's just such an awesome place to be."


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