July 21st, 2011

Hyland's Heroes: Jim Frame

Sarah Newell

CSN Staff Writer

Hyland's Heroes: Jim Frame
photo courtesy of Jim Frame

Frame reviews his history with CSAA

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When Jim Frame applied for the Executive Director position of the Catholic School Athletic Association 29 years ago, he already had his share of athletic history.

“My experience started as a high school teacher and coach at Flaget High School, and then I worked as a Trinity wrestling coach and teacher,” said Frame. “I started looking for a new adventure, and I applied for this job. Fortunately, I was selected.”

Frame, originally from Hardin County, attended University of Louisville as a football player. With his athletic past and teaching ability, Frame began his full time work as the Executive Director of CSAA with passion. Looking back to the beginning of his career there, he says he respected the role he took over.

“I think when I came into the position, Karl Schmitt, Sr. had already done an excellent job for 32 ½ years getting everything set up,” said Frame. “All we tried to do was to continue to improve. There are always changes in athletics. Dedication in this program started with Karl. He wanted to start the program. I think it was just basketball, softball and track when we first started. We wanted to be very organized and develop the program with the same goals and same rules (across the board). This is how we wanted to succeed.”

Frame says he has learned a lot in his position on how to lead the organization over the years. When asked about a highlight his job is today, he spoke highly of his staff, directors and support.

“The best part is seeing all of the volunteers supporting our youth, and Catholic education, and athletics,” said Frame. “You can’t separate one from the others, and you can’t run an organization without that. For instance, we may have 1200 coaches for basketball that are all volunteers. And then there are people taking care of the concessions stands and cutting the grass, and things you don’t think about. There are so many people involved. That’s what it’s all about-taking care of our youth going to be leaders of tomorrow.”

And with volunteers on board with the overall philosophy of the program, Frame declares clearly his main objective for the young athletes.

“Our big deal is give everybody an opportunity,” said Frame. “We want to give them an opportunity to play what they want. This could be the last time they play an organized sport in school.”

The CSAA, which covers 14 sports throughout the Louisville area, offers student athletes to get a chance to interact with classmates in a team environment. Frame, who will retire by March of 2012, says his goals for the program are to continue to keep student athletes coming through the Catholic schools.

“Obviously, with the economy, we’ve had numbers dropping. I want us to hold steady, and I want the youngsters to have fun and enjoy a learning experience,” said Frame. “I want the kids to go onto high school and do well. It would be really interesting if someone had time to see how many grade school athletes go onto high school then college and then professional sports.”

And with the process for a new Executive Director in mind for the Louisville area, Frame says he reflects on what has helped him succeed in the position all of these years.

“With this position, you have to know people. It’s a fun and learning experience. I rely on my coaches and directors for changes we need to look at as sports change. We all work together.”

Frame will retire in 2012 to spend more time with his wife of 40 years, three children and five grandchildren. He says he will continue to credit others ultimately for the CSAA’s success, and he will walk away from the career with feelings of thankfulness and pride.

Said Frame: “This job has given me a lot of patience. I’ve learned about listening more than talking, and that we need to work in changes now and then. I can’t pick out one defining moment that stands out in my time here, I’m awfully proud of the whole program and the directors and volunteers who have been here since I started. People in place (for Catholic Athletics) are there for a reason- it’s the love for athletics and for the children.”











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