September 15th, 2011

20 Questions With Katie George

Chris Jung

Senior Writer

20 Questions With Katie George
photo by Chris Jung

Assumption High School senior takes on the Questions

Each week, will be getting to know a new student-athlete from the area by asking him/her a series of 20 questions - some in-depth, some lighthearted - that will provide insight into the thoughts and personalities of the boys and girls who are doing great things on and off the local courts, fields, tracks, and courses.

The Assumption High School senior class president, a volleyball team captain and 4.0 student at AHS, Katie George already had the respect and favor of her classmates, teachers and peers coming into her final year as a Rocket.

But over the summer, that admiration managed to grow even larger as George fought through sudden health issues and battled her way back onto the court to help Assumption defend its 2010 state volleyball championship.

And as the season continues, George sports a helmet while she plays and waits for the blood clots she suffered from to dissolve. The protective gear she wears, which also includes additional padding on her hips, legs and elbows, serves as precautionary measures in the result of any on-court collisions or contact.

But despite her unique volleyball attire and lingering medical distractions, George continues to lead her squad both vocally and by example, and has helped the Rockets start the 2011 season with a 16-1 record, snap the 99-match streak of the Muncie Burris (IN) Owls, and to a runner-up finish in last weekend's Louisville Invitational Volleyball Tournament.

George, who describes herself as "a confident 17-year-old girl who thrives in competitive environments, and loves to win," has already committed to play for the University of Louisville volleyball team next year - a program that is now coached by Anne Kordes, the daughter of current Assumption High School volleyball head coach Ron Kordes.

George and the Rockets are heading to Las Vegas, NV this weekend for the annual Durango Classic. Prior to departure, however, George recently took time to take part in the newest edition of's "20 Questions" segment. Her answers are below.

1. What is your proudest athletic moment? 

Winning the state volleyball champioship last year.

2. What is your ideal meal/snack before a game?

Granola Thins and a banana

3. If you were trying out for American Idol, what would be your "go to" song? 

"Aaron's Party" by Aaron Carter 

4. Which athlete do you look up to on a college/professional level? Why? 

Michael Phelps because he is the best athlete in his sport.

5. What is your favorite movie quote?

"If you ain't first, you're last." - Talladega Nights: Ballad of Ricky Bobby

6. How does your faith impact your approach to sports? 

My faith teaches me to have sportsmanship and class while playing on the court.

7. What is your favorite cartoon character? 

Tazmanian Devil

8. All time favorite board game? 


9. Droid, iPhone, or Blackberry? Favorite app? 

iPhone and the "Hey Tell" app. It's like a walkee talkee. 

10. What is your favorite local (non chain) restaurant in Louisville? 

The Irish Rover 

11. What is your favorite reality TV show? 

The Real World-Road Rules Challenge 

12. What is your greatest fear? 


13. What is your best quality/characteristic? 


14. Favorite junk/comfort food? 

Jalepeno Cheetos 

15. What is your favorite hour of the day? 

9:00 PM

16. What is your nickname and how did you get it? 

"Walter." My two older brothers have called me Walter since I was little. They used to call me Bucky because I had buck teeth. Every year, we vacationed in Hilton Head next to the Buck Walter Resort. They started calling me Buck Walter. Once I grew into my teeth they dropped the Buck and just called me Walter from then on and still today. 

17. Where is your favorite place to volunteer/provide community service? 

Treyton Oak Towers. It's a nursing home and assisted living facility. My mom has worked there for 25 years.

18. What is one hidden talent that you possess? 

I can eat more than most guys.

19. If time machines were real, and you could choose just one - to travel forward or backward - which would you select and why? 

I'd travel backwards so I could meet my great granmother, Nani. She died the day before I was born. 

20. If Mark Zuckerberg said you could make any change or addition to Facebook, would would it be?

You could be able to see who looks at your profile and how often. 


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