September 29th, 2011

Elem. Excellence: Sacred Heart of Jesus

Sarah Newell

CSN Staff Writer

Elem. Excellence: Sacred Heart of Jesus
photo courtesy of Eddie Terkhorn

Terkhorn wants younger Cardinals involved

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With a young son in attendance at Sacred Heart of Jesus located in Jeffersonville, Indiana, Eddie Terkhorn recently wanted to become a volunteer with the school’s athletic program in some way.

“I’m a huge sports guy,” said Terkhorn. “When my son received something in his envelope with the school looking for coaches, I wanted to get involved. They were starting K-2 flag football, and they needed a coach for that. Then, our previous athletic director asked if I wanted to join the board, and I came with many ideas for the younger kids’ programs. Soon, I found myself in the Athletic Director role this past July. Sheri Evanczyk (our previous athletic director) had nominated me. It’s a lot of work, but I love it.”

With a desire to help young students learn the fundamentals of sports early in life, Terkhorn has worked to implement more and more programs for the grade school.

“We are a feeder for Providence, and one of the ways to engage the students is to get them into sports and continue through. This is the first year we’ve had flag-football, and we had 20 kids involved in that. We also want to get wrestling going for K-2 grades. We know when we start with Kindergarten; we can give them a taste, gage the interest, and go through there. Our school plans to start golf this spring as well. We will have a cheerleading camp coming up, as well as volleyball and basketball clinics.

Terkhorn says getting sports up and running at the first possible point is key to tying in the interest of students and families for the long haul.

“At that age, kids are giant sponges. Kids will learn to build a foundation at that time, and they just love it. Give them a sport they haven’t had in the past, and they all want to participate. Soccer is another one we want to add next year. We want to open that up to the younger grades. Sacred Heart’s numbers have grown in the last two years, especially with the younger grades. Once we’ve introduced a sport, we have found parents have eaten it up. They have enjoyed it and jumped right in to help. I think they want to keep those kids active.”

Terkhorn says he is proud of the direction his Cardinals are moving, especially with the recent facility upgrades to the gym for the students.

“Sheri did an outstanding job on the gym. Over the summer, we had volunteers who painted the gym, resurfaced the floor, and put in new seats. It’s 180 degrees from what it was before. The gym reconstruction was one of her things going out as an athletic director, and she wanted to take care of that. We have our school colors of red white and black in there,” said Terkhorn.

And with a “gym facility second to none for an elementary school,” according to Terkhorn, he says he is excited for its use by a parish school that makes him feel very comfortable.

“It’s family oriented,” said Terkhorn. “My wife and I are somewhat new to the Jeffersonville area, although we have lived in the Louisville area. Both of us are originally from Indiana, but we didn’t know many people here. We gave Sacred Heart a chance, and I felt like we were at home.”

So, Terkhorn says he will look into his first school year as the Cardinals’ Athletic Director with high hopes of building new traditions with new programs, based on what he knows from his own experience with sports.

Said Terkhorn: “Sports teach you how to be part of a team, and it helps build a foundation and understanding about competition. When you get into corporate America, everything is team oriented. I work at UPS, and it’s about the team. Sports will help them when they get to Providence High School and beyond.”


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