January 5th, 2012

"20 Questions" With Evan Bingham

Chris Jung

Senior Writer

"20 Questions" With Evan Bingham
photo by Chris Jung

DeSales basketball senior takes on the Questions

Each week, LouisvilleCatholicSports.com will be getting to know a new student-athlete from the area by asking him/her a series of 20 questions that will provide insight into the thoughts and personalities of the boys and girls who are doing great things on and off the local courts, fields, tracks, and courses.

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Name: Evan Bingham, senior

  • Age: 17
  • Current school: DeSales
  • Parish/grade school attended: St. Gabriel
  • High school GPA: 4.00
  • Colleges considering: Centre, Transylvania, Bellarmine among others
  • About Evan: He has a strong work ethic on and off the court while attempting to achieve all the goals in his life, but also values the time to he gets to spend with  friends and having fun. Evan currently leads the Colts in both points (13.4) and rebounds (7.1) per game.

1. What is your proudest athletic moment?

Winning the AAU National Classic Tournament in Orlando with the BA Hoyas Elite. 

2. What is your ideal meal/snack before a game?

An apple and a Gatorade 

3. If you were trying out for American Idol, what would be your "go to" song?

"Use Somebody" by Kings of Leon, there is very few lyrics and it's catchy 

4. Which athlete do you look up to on a college/professional level? Why?

Drew Brees because he is a great athlete and knows what it takes to be a leader of a team. 

5. What is your favorite movie quote?

"You got a dream, you got to protect it. People can't do something themselves, they want to tell you that you can't do it. You want something? Go get it. Period." - Will Smith from Pursuit of Happyness 

6. How does your faith impact your approach to sports?

My faith teaches me to repect all things and people and i try to carry this over to the basketball court. 

7. What is your favorite cartoon character?

Jerry from Tom and Jerry 

8. All time favorite board game?


9. Droid, iPhone, or Blackberry? Favorite app?

iPhone - Pandora Radio 

10. What is your favorite local (non chain) restaurant in Louisville?

Mike Linnig's 

11. What is your favorite reality TV show?

Pawn Stars 

12. What is your greatest fear?


13. What is your best quality/characteristic?


14. Favorite junk/comfort food?

Potato chips and my mom's homemade dip 

15. What is your favorite hour of the day? Why?

Game time. I am always ready to play a game of basketball

16. What is your nickname and how did you get it?

"Ernie." I got it from my middle name which is Ernest. 

17. Where is your favorite place to volunteer/provide community service?

At DeSales and at Camp Quality 

18. What is one hidden talent that you possess?

I can spin a basketball on all five of my fingers. 

19. If time machines were real, and you could choose just one - to travel forward or backward - which would you select and why?

Backward to witness te earth's creation.  

20. If you could pick one person, dead or alive, and ask them just one question that they had to answer honestly, who would you pick and what would you ask?

I would ask President Obama to play in a basketball game with me.


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