October 9th, 2012

Elementary Excellence: St. Edward

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Conor Revell

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Elementary Excellence: St. Edward
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St. Edward hopes to continue their winning tradition

As president of the St. Edward Athletic Ministry, Doug Dawson oversees the Braves athletic program and ensures that everything is running smoothly and that goals are met.

“We want to increase our participation in all sports and strive for our student athletes to perform well on and off the court,” said Dawson. “Of course, we’re always making more room in our gym so that we can hang more banners. However, we’re also in the process of trying to implement a correlation between academics and athletics, so hopefully that comes with ease and success.”

Nearly 411 students attended the Jeffersontown Catholic School last year and 80 percent of them played a sport.

“Approximately 300 students play for our various boys and girls athletic programs at St. Edward,” said Dawson. “We participate in all 14 of the CSAA sanctioned sports and have a very successful track record of city championships in the past.”

A number of Louisville Catholic schools recently started offering sports for kids that aren’t in third grade yet. St. Edward joined the trend and started adding sports so that their younger students can play for the Braves.

“This year we have expanded our K-2 clinics to include volleyball, soccer, basketball, and football,” said Dawson. “These have been very successful as we are seeing lots of interest and success with these early developmental clinics.”

St. Edward football teams contend for the Toy Bowl Title year after year. Last year, three teams went undefeated during the regular season. The 8th grade team ended up losing in the Toy Bowl while the 6th graders won their Toy Bowl.

“Last year was very good for us athletically,” said Dawson. “Three of our football teams went undefeated during the regular season last year. This was the 3rd consecutive year that each of our older teams made it to the Toy Bowl.”

It isn’t just football that is having all of the success at St. Edward.

“Our cross country teams have had a lot of overall success over the past couple years,” said Dawson. “Last year, we had multiple teams win city championships in boys and girls volleyball.”

Another school year means more opportunities to add banners to the wall at St. Edward.   

“We are very excited about all of our boys and girls sports teams,” said Dawson. “Our Sports Directors are doing a great job communicating and marketing these sports to our SES families. The results are showing with increased participation numbers. Our football, cross country, and girls’ volleyball teams are very good as we look to continue the St. Edward winning tradition as these seasons come to a close.”

Each parish creates their unique identity and the St. Edward community is no different.

“St. Edward is so special and unique because of the character that the student athletes and families possess,” said Dawson. “Our winning tradition, large number of athletic teams, and growing number of participation are proof of the love and support that our parish families have for SES.  In addition to that, we also require each of our teams to attend mass and complete a service project together.” 

Being president is not an easy task and it doesn’t come with any monetary reward.

“As President of our St. Edward Athletic Ministry (SEAM), the position is very important to me,” said Dawson. “I have been involved with this team of volunteers for over six years in different roles. Although there are numerous man-hours dedicated to SEAM weekly, I would not trade one, because I think these are the experiences and reasons that make our athletic ministry so successful. I couldn’t do this without the constant support of our new principal, my dedicated SEAM staff, great coaches, and other volunteers.  Together we have made a great program even better over the past few years.”

Dawson aspires to see his student-athletes succeed with class and respect as they go through their St. Edward education.   

“I want to ensure that the students of SES are excelling in the class room before they put on that St. Edward jersey,” said Dawson. “I want these young boys and girls to become the best athletes they can be, but also keep their priorities straight and in perspective. Experiencing winning is important to the development of these kids, but it’s not the most important attribute of childhood.  I think learning how to be a great teammate, a coachable athlete, and understanding how to win and lose with class, and being accountable of your actions are just as important.”


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