November 18th, 2012

Jamboree Preps CSAA Teams for Hoops

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Jamboree Preps CSAA Teams for Hoops
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Grade school Jamboree features dozens of games for all CSAA teams

The CSAA jump-started its basketball season with its annual Grade School Jamboree this past week at Trinity’s Steinhauser Gymnasium and Shamrock Hall.

“Every year right after our open house and in between Thanksgiving, we have a grade school jamboree,” said Trinity Activities Director James Torra. “We open it to all the catholic grade schools in the city. The teams consist of 6th and 8th grade A, B, and C teams.”

This year 47 teams participated in the weeklong event. CSAA rules are applied to each game which means there are four six minute quarters. The clock only stops for free throws, substitutions, and timeouts. Standard basketball rules are used for the last minute of each quarter.

“This event gives the grade schools another opportunity to practice and play,” said Torra.

Several teams play more than one game throughout the jamboree and Torra mentioned that he has noticed that some of the teams have gotten better over the course of just one week.

“The kids are playing hard,” said Torra. “You can see the guys that have already played a couple of games that are getting better. That’s the whole purpose of it. But it’s always fun to see them play hard. That’s the good thing.”

Saturday was the last day of the jamboree. CSAA play will begin after Thanksgiving.


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