December 12th, 2012

Elementary Excellence: St. Margaret Mary

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Elementary Excellence: St. Margaret Mary
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An overview of the St. Margaret Mary athletic program

Located across Shelbyville Road from Oxmoor Center, St. Margaret Mary educates 715 students and is one of the biggest Catholic schools in Louisville. Knowing that her school is one of the largest in the Louisville area, St. Margaret Mary athletic director Cres Bride acknowledges the challenges of running a large athletic program.

“The primary goal of athletics at St. Margaret Mary is to teach kids the positive lessons of sports in a Christian environment,” said Bride. “I think sports are a metaphor for real life. At St. Margaret Mary we teach the kids to work hard to achieve goals; to be a good teammate and learn to work with others for the betterment of the team; to always show respect for the opponent in victory and defeat, and to realize it is okay to make mistakes. Too many kids are afraid to try hard for fear of criticism. We want the kids to know they can learn and improve from mistakes.”

With the year well underway, St. Margaret Mary already completed a successful football and volleyball season. Now all eyes look towards the basketball program.

“The Volleyball teams had an exceptional year,” said Bride. “The 8-1, 6-2, and 6-4 teams were City Champs and the 8-3 and 6-3 teams were runner-ups. This is the second year in a row that the 8-1 team has won the City Championship at the AAA level. Leigh Ann Fuller is the volleyball director and she has brought the St. Margaret Mary volleyball program to a very high level.”

Both the 5th/6th grade and the 7th/8th grade football teams made a run in the city tournament before falling in the semifinals. Football and volleyball are now over so the Mustangs are excited about the upcoming basketball season.

“Ours boys and girls basketball teams look great and are fueled with lots of excitement,” said St. Margaret Basketball Director Mark Bender. “We are hoping to win the City Championship at all levels. Basketball is the sport that continues to be our leader in terms of participation and bringing challenge and fulfillment to our students and fans. While all the teams are coming together well, teams to watch include our 8th grade boys and girls teams.”

Success is expected at St. Margaret Mary and that’s because the Mustangs have a history of producing championships and sending their players to the next level.

“In the last three years we have crowned over a dozen city champions,” said Bender. “Over ten boys and girls went on to play at the high school level.”

When everything is set in stone, Bride wants to make an impact on her student-athletes’ lives and wants them to use sports as a learning experience.

Said Bride: “I love working with kids and hope that we have a positive impact on a young person's life by showing them how sports can be such a positive influence in their lives.”


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