December 16th, 2012

St. X Defeats Trinity in Dual Swim Meet

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Conor Revell

Managing Editor

St. X Defeats Trinity in Dual Swim Meet
Trinity and St. X swimmers dive into pool/ photo by Conor Revell

Tigers win 10 out of the 12 events held Sunday

St. Xavier defeated the Trinity Shamrocks 125-44 in a dual swim meet Sunday afternoon. Individually, the Tigers won 10 out of the 12 events held.

“I thought we swam really well today,” said St. Xavier head coach Todd Larkin. “We have a great team this year and a lot of depth. That came into play today. I think the guys have been working hard in practice. You know it’s a great event. We always enjoy hosting Trinity and I was pleased with the results today.”

The Tigers notched victories in the 200 yard medley relay, 200 yard IM, 50 yard freestyle, 100 yard freestyle, 500 yard freestyle, 200 yard freestyle relay, 100 yard backstroke, 100 yard breaststroke, and the 400 yard freestyle relay. Mitchell Forde won two individual events and two relay events to finish as the top swimmer for the Tigers.

“We didn’t get to swim against Trinity last year,” said Forde. “We were excited about this meet because they’re our archrival. Today we swam well and I was impressed. A lot of our guys have never swum against Trinity in a dual meet. So we as upperclassmen wanted to set an example at the beginning of the meet and the younger guys picked up on it.”

Cooper Thomas won the 200 yard freestyle and the 100 yard butterfly to give the Rocks two wins in the meet.

“We were swimming pretty tired today,” said Trinity head coach Kelly Horrell. “Our main guys have been working pretty hard the last few weeks so they were pretty tired coming into today. St. X looked pretty good. But I think it will be a different meet when we meet up again in regionals and state.”


200 Yard Medley Relay

  • 1. Harrison Heyward, Nicholas Schlinger, Jacob Smith, Harrison Pruitt 1:39:59 (St. Xavier)
  • 2. Robert Leasure, Richard Carrico, Kyle Brutscher, Garrett Stephens 1:42:02 (St. Xavier)
  • 3. Chris Owen, David Bunnell, Michael Gilligan, Daniel Whitehead 1:45:48 (Trinity)

200 Yard Freestyle

  • 1. Thomas Cooper 1:45:37 (Trinity)
  • 2. Noah Johnston 1:48:65 (St. Xavier)
  • 3. John Hubbuch 1:50:53 (St. Xavier)

220 Yard IM

  • 1 Robert Leasure 1:58:32 (St. Xavier)
  • 2 Camden Johnston 2:00:01 (St. Xavier)
  • 3. Chandler Litchtefield 2:00:33 (Trinity)

50 Yard Freestyle

  • 1. Mitchell Forde 22.16 (St. Xavier)
  • 2. Jacob Smith 22.69 (St. Xavier)
  • 3. Harrison Pruitt 22.92 (St. Xavier)

100 Yard Butterfly

  • 1. Thomas Cooper 53.42 (Trinity)
  • 2 Jacob Smith 53.98 (St. Xavier)
  • 3. Harrison Heyward 54.72 (St. Xavier)

100 Yard Freestyle

  • 1. Mitchell Forde 48.22 (St. Xavier)
  • 2. Harrison Pruitt 50.82 (St. Xavier)
  • 3. William Cromer 51.87 (St. Xavier)

500 Yard Freestyle

  • 1. Noah Johnston 4:55:52 (St. Xavier)
  • 2. John Hubbuch 4:58:71 (St. Xavier)
  • 3. Clayton Forde 4:59:17 (St. Xavier)

200 Yard Freestyle Relay

  • 1. Mitchell Forde, Jacob Smioth, Garrett Stephens, Ryan McMillen 1:29:66 (St. Xavier)
  • 2. Thomas Cooper, Chandler Litchtefeld, Preston Schilling 1:32:36 (Trinity)
  • 3. Collins Obrien, Adam Vancamp, Ryan Leamy, Evan McMillen 1:35:36 (St. Xavier)

100 Yard Backstroke

  • 1. Robert Leasure 54.50 (St. Xavier)
  • 2. Harrison Heyward 55.06 (St. Xavier)
  • 3. Chris Own 57.46 (Trinity)

100 Yard Breaststroke

  • 1. Nicholas Schlinger 1:01:34 (St. Xavier)
  • 2. Camden Johnston 1:01:80 (St. Xavier)
  • 3. Chandler Lichtefeld 1:02:51 (Trinity)

400 Yard Freestyle Relay

  • 1. Mitchell Forde, William Cromer, Harrison Heyward, Noah Johnston 3:16:90 (St. Xavier)
  • 2. Clayton Forde, John Hubbuch, Robert Leasure, Camden Johnston 3:20:49 (St. Xavier)
  • 3. Thomas Cooper, Daniel Whitehead, Preston Schillingham Chandler Litchtefeld 3:22:07 (Trinity)


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