December 18th, 2012

Elementary Excellence: Sacred Heart Model School

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Conor Revell

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Elementary Excellence: Sacred Heart Model School
6th grade A team city champions/ photo from Sacred Heart Model School Facebook page

A brief overview of the Sacred Heart Model School athletic program

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In the CSAA, the kids are the most important thing. It’s no different for Sacred Heart Model School athletic director Keith Morgan.

“My goal is to get as many of our students involved in athletics as I can,” said Morgan. “I want to provide an organized, learning, competitive, and fun experience for all our athletes. It’s our mission to provide each team with a quality coaching staff so that we can ensure that they have a positive experience and support them in all ways. Last but not least, I want to enhance the education process through athletics. I think they go hand in hand.”

And with that said, Morgan loves sports. That’s why Morgan doesn’t mind taking on such a large responsibility at Sacred Heart.

“I have a passion for Athletics,” said Morgan. “It has played a big role in my life. I enjoy being around sports and competition. I enjoy watching the students learn and compete and seeing the positive impact athletics can play in their development as students and people.”

This fall, SHMS teamed up with the Our Lady of Lourdes football team. While neither the sixth grade nor eighth grade team made it to the Toy Bowl, Morgan states the season proved to be a successful one.

“We combined our team with Our Lady of Lourdes,” said Morgan. “We are very fortunate to team with them. Our kids receive high level coaching from dedicated, knowledgeable coaches and our players had a wonderful and successful experience.”

Volleyball fared even better for SHMS this season. Prior to 2012, no Sacred Heart Model School volleyball team had ever won a city title. That changed this year when the SHMS 6th grade A team won the city championship.

“Yes, several of our volleyball teams did well,” said Morgan. “Our 6th grade girls A team won the CSAA Championship. Our first in school history. They finished the season with only one loss and were coached by Julie Potempa. I’m looking forward to those girls coming back next year.”

Now Morgan shifts his focus to basketball. And in the past, the Sacred Heart basketball program produced champions so Morgan expects the same this season.

“We have very solid teams across the board,” said Morgan. “Our 6th grade A team won the CSAA Tournament last year with primarily 5th graders. They are back to defend their title and are looking very strong this season.  Our 8th grade girls are as well. They won the CSAA title as 6th graders two seasons ago and are looking forward to a great season.”


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