February 15th, 2012

Hyland's Heroes: Maryhill Mundt

Paul Najjar

CSN Staff Writer

Hyland's Heroes: Maryhill Mundt
photo from Maryhill Mundt

All-around athlete gives time, talent to Lourdes volleyball

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Maryhill Mundt has experienced the CSAA as a student-athlete, coach and parent. An accomplished all-around athlete in her youth, she spent her formative years at Holy Spirit playing volleyball, basketball and softball. In the summers, Mundt devoted her time to swimming, diving and on the links as a junior golfer. At Sacred Heart Academy (class of ’86) she played and lettered in field hockey, volleyball and golf. She played a number of intramural sports at the University of Kentucky, but eventually she devoted her time to the club volleyball team there.

During her years at Holy Spirit, her dad coached the softball team. She recalled fondly that a lot of parents volunteered their time to coach the sports teams there.

“My dad coached me in softball and that was always a great experience,” said Mundt. “And a classmate’s dad, Mr. Korfhage coached us in basketball.”

She described herself as a decent athlete who could play all the sports, but not one of them to a level that she would describe as “standout.” Of all the sports she played, she enjoyed volleyball the most. Her time at Kentucky was when her love for that sport began to flourish.

“I loved playing for the UK club team,” she said. “We met a lot of volleyball people from Lexington and went to tournaments all over. During spring break we’d got to Daytona and play in beach tournaments. It was a wonderful college experience. I’ve been playing volleyball ever since and still play today.”

She started her volleyball coaching career at Our Lady of Lourdes in 2003. “A friend of mine, the girls and boys volleyball coordinator at Lourdes at the time, wanted an assistant for the eighth grade girls ‘A’ team and he asked me to help,” she said. “He knew I’d played volleyball growing up and was still active with the game. I’ve been coaching at least one volleyball team there ever since. Once the kids started playing, that got us more involved.”

Mundt and her teams have had some success over the years, but they finally broke through with their first championship last year. Her oldest son, J.D., now a freshman at St. Xavier, was on that team.

“We finally won the city tournament last year over St. Agnes in the finals,” she said. “My son J.D. was on that team and they were a great group to coach.”

She also has had the opportunity to coach her daughter for several years and her youngest son Isaac as well. The Mundts keep their sporting schedules full of activity.

“My daughter Natalie is in eighth grade and played volleyball,” she said. “I got to coach her for seven years at Lourdes on various team. Isaac is in sixth grade and I’m coaching his team this year. My husband Jay is a former volleyball player as well, but he retired from the sport after he tore his achilles tendon.”

Her coaching philosophy leans more towards making sure everyone learns something, gives their all and has fun.

“Since it is grade school, I make sure that everybody plays,” she stated. “Our number one goal is to have fun. But I’m a competitive person and I want these kids to win. We’ll play everybody on the team, however, when it comes to tournament time we all play to win. That’s what the kids want and we try to help them. What is difficult sometimes is trying to match the level of play on one team with kids who are new to the sport and the kids who play year-round. But it was neat to watch those less experienced players want the team to have success and give their support to the better players on the team during the tournament.”

And like so many CSAA volunteers, she gets recognizes the importance of providing these young student-athletes with the positive values that sports have to offer.

“Coaching has been a really good experience for me,” she said. “At Lourdes, we’re a stewardship school. We give our time, talent and treasure to the school. And with my athletic experiences it was easy to pick coaching as what my husband and I would give to the school. My husband coaches football, basketball and baseball. So we’re pretty involved.”

Mundt added: “The CSAA is just a wonderful group and it’s good thing that they created a boys volleyball program. It’s a great organization because it gets so many involved, active and playing sports. Most people acknowledge that being involved in athletics gives a sense of team and togetherness. Everything the CSAA offers helps the growth and development of these kids.”


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