May 25th, 2012

Health N' Sports: Treating Injuries

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Health N' Sports: Treating Injuries
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Louisville Orthopaedic Clinic shares insight on ASTYM®

As a part of the Louisville Orthopaedic Clinic, the Sports Rehab Team physical therapists are knowledgeable and trained in the latest advancements and techniques available in sports rehabilitation. On a weekly basis, the Health N’ Sports Update will give information on prevention, recovery, and include special offers, as well as general health tips that would be beneficial to all. If there is a specific topic you’d like to know or hear more about, email future suggestions to

There are many components to a comprehensive rehabilitation program for athletes and non-athletes alike.  One aspect of a good program is manual treatment, in which the therapist can assess joint and soft tissue movement and treat accordingly. ASTYM® is a soft tissue approach used by therapists to help the body develop healthier tissue in areas where there are problems or injuries. The system is used to identify areas of restriction in the tissue, or scarring, and to stimulate the body to remodel and regenerate these tissues. 


  • Tennis elbow/Golfer’s elbow
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • IT band syndrome
  • Hip pain/trochanteric bursitis
  • Hamstring strains
  • Shin splints
  • SI joint/low back pain
  • Post-surgical scarring
  • Most forms of chronic tendon/muscle injuries 


Scar is the body’s natural response to injury. Just as the skin scars to heal scraped knee, a muscle or tendon injury also heals by production of scar tissue inside the body. In addition to healing acute injuries such as sprains, strains, and tears, scar tissue also develops to heal chronic injuries from highly repetitious activity. Scar tissue is necessary and helpful in most cases, but it can result in painful and limited movement for some tissues.  This is where a system like ASTYM can help.


A clinician uses special tools that glide along the surface to identify and treat areas affected by scar tissue or any other dysfunctional tissue. The tools initiate a healing response in the tissue by breaking down adhesions. The skin may be sore to touch and possibly bruised following treatment because the dysfunctional tissue is breaking down to stimulate remodeling and regeneration.  After the first couple treatments it usually becomes much more comfortable for the patient. 


ASTYM is most effective when the patient takes an active role in treatment. They will be instructed in customized stretching and strengthening exercises to encourage optimal tissue healing. An important aspect of the ASTYM system is that patients are encouraged to stay active in their sport and other daily activities so that the tissue heals in a more functional pattern. 

*If you have an injury and think you may benefit from or be a good candidate for ASTYM therapy contact Louisville Orthopaedic Clinic’s Sports Rehab Clinic at (502) 897-1790.

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