June 15th, 2012

Health N' Sports: Concussion Study

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Health N' Sports: Concussion Study
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 Louisville Orthopaedic Clinic shares insight on rest

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Rest: The Key to Concussion Recovery?

A recent study in the Journal of Pediatrics showed that taking a week off of all mental and physical activity may be correlated with fewer post-concussion symptoms. These symptoms include headaches, fatigue, decreased mental clarity, decreased ability to concentrate, and poor quality of sleep.  Most patients are advised to rest following an injury involving a concussion, but rest usually involves physical immobility while we watch TV and read to pass the time. 

This study involved 49 students in high school or college who had suffered a concussion in the recent past.  Some were within a week of the concussion and some students had suffered the injury up to seven months prior.  The limitations were strict- the students could not go to school, work, talk on the phone, watch TV, play/work on the computer, exercise, or even socialize with their friends.  All students were suffering from symptoms including headaches and difficulty concentrating.  Following one week of full rest, every athlete reported improvement in their symptoms.  The study also involved a series of mental exams, on which the majority of the patients performed better than prior to their week of rest.

While this study has a number of limitations and only involved about 50 students, is suggests that a period of serious rest may be useful in treating post-concussion symptoms.  As difficult as it may be, athletes may benefit from giving up not only school and work for a week but also video games, TV, and texting with their friends in order to make an optimal recovery from a concussion.

Feature By: Erin Fidler, M.P.T.


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