June 17th, 2012

Elementary Excellence: St. Andrew Academy

Sarah Newell

CSN Staff Writer

Elementary Excellence: St. Andrew Academy
photo courtesy of Clinton Carrier

 Jaguars spike interest with leadership, fundraising

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Assistant Athletic Director Clinton Carrier describes this past school year’s athletic achievements with excitement and pride. While the sports teams had their success on courts and fields, Carrier says the volunteers and parishioners led their part in the victories.

“We recently started The Jaguar Club in the fall of 2011,” said Carrier. “ It’s not a booster club, but it leads fundraising for athletics, the school, and the church. The group plays games like bunco, and puts on corn hole tournaments. They put on a dance and an adult league volleyball season. The volleyball season was a huge success with 12 teams. It was a chance for parents to meet and greet one another and have a good time with parents from other grades. It’s a community and a tight knit group that does community service work as well. We want to be able to put activities on (within the parish) as much as possible.”

Scott Mulhall, who leads The Jaguar Club, according to Carrier, works with about thirty people to raise money for the St. Andrew Academy community. Carrier says that while the club got off to a slower start, the club quickly started to grow with excitement.

“Once word got around and people saw the fun involved, we didn’t have a shortage of people,” said Carrier.

According to Carrier, no Jaguar necessity goes unnoticed with The Jaguar Club.

“If we have to pay to get our football helmets certified and need to ship them off, and we need funds for shipping, we (the athletic department) go to them. With The Jaguar Club, you know where the money is going with the events they create. We have found that people are more willing to give when they know where the money is going. They are our right hand organization when something is needed.”

In addition to The Jaguar Club, Carrier says the overall amount of volunteers within the athletic department is an accomplishment at St. Andrew Academy.

“The parent activity and volunteers are something to be proud of here because they are coming back and helping with the students and the facilities. For instance, we have one of the better football fields in the CSAA. It takes a lot of work to maintain that, and we have a group of parents that took that over. We have a couple people, such as Brian Kelty who runs the concessions. Mike Turner does many volunteer hours as well.”

Carrier, who works with the Athletic Director Scott Arnold, says that the young student athletes complete their own community service throughout the year, similar to the way their parents, teachers and coaches give back to the community.

“We do a couple different fundraising events with the Angel Tree every year, and we raise money through the football and basketball tournaments for that,” said Carrier. We take the money from football, basketball and from the concession stand donations to buy for the Angel Tree. All the teams meet at the Target at Dixie Highway, and it’s one of my favorite things through the year.”

With success found on everything from this past year’s girls fifth and sixth grade basketball teams, to an upcoming football season with a new coach, Bob Bronger, who has more than 20 years of high school coaching experience, Carrier says that the Jaguars will continue to play hard and score on all levels. He also added he’s excited about more participation and volunteer time for parents and parishioners alike.

Said Carrier: “The Jaguar Club wants to put out a good name for St. Andrew Academy in the community. The group wants to be there for the school, church and athletics, and they bend over backwards to reach goals.”


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