July 28th, 2012

Letters From London: Flying High

Caroline Burckle

Staff Reporter

Letters From London: Flying High
Jill and Chris Burckle / photo by Caroline Burckle

Burckle family sets off for London Games

And we are off....

Well, not quite. In Louisville airport wishing I was there already and knowing this next day of travel could be quite the adventure! In a good way, of course.

Picture this scenario: my parents and our family friend Dan are already decked out in their red, white and blue. My 15 year old brother Collin and his friend Daniel are playing soccer, yes—dribbling and kicking a mini soccer ball—in the airport right now. So I think it is safe to say that the Clark Griswold family vacation is pretty accurate as of now!

The opening ceremonies last night were absolutely unbelievable. I won’t lie, watching every member of each country march out bearing their flag, with the BIGGEST grins on their faces, made me nostalgic for what was in 2008. It took me a few minutes to finally realize that I was a part of that, and my brother is a part of that NOW. What an incredible feeling!

I went to bed beaming, and found it hard to sleep last night as I was so excited for this next week. It feels similar to before a big, exciting event or competition. The "good" nervous.

That feeling continued all the way through the prelims and finals of day 1 of swimming, which I watched just a few snippets of throughout my crazy day of last minute errands. Twitter account @NBCOlympics became my best friend all day, as I was furiously checking every tweet and following each and every move of the competition. I know it may not have ended up happening the way that everyone expected for a couple of different events, but let's just say that it just goes to show you that nothing is guaranteed, and that ANYTHING can happen. That is the way it goes, and I think it makes for excellent competition and creates an extraordinary strength of character for all athletes involved.

As for you fans, buckle your seatbelts. I foresee this being a wild, exciting, and sometimes random summer games.


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