July 31st, 2012

Letters From London: Primed For Prelims

Caroline Burckle

Staff Reporter

Letters From London: Primed For Prelims
photo from Caroline Burckle - Family seats at swim competition

Updates on Missy Franklin, Allison Schmitt and Michael Phelps

First day down… Was a TON of fun, and as I expected we did everything London has to offer in one day.

It takes us an hour from door to door (hotel to pool) via walking and the tube, so we eagerly left at around 7:30 am for the day. We attended the prelim swim session to see the Women's 200 Freestyle, Men's 200 Fly, and Women's 200 IM. It was a quick session, only lasted an hour. It was exciting getting to see every American make it back to their respective semi finals.

After the morning prelims we took the tube everywhere, walked around Olympic Park for hours and bought some souvenirs. Took tons of pictures by all the facilities and ate at the Proctor & Gamble USA House for lunch and dinner and had a blast all around.

Still haven't seen Clark yet, as they keep the athletes strictly in the village and competition area(s). I am dying to get into the village to taste the athletic atmosphere again! Clark is getting us family passes for the few hours they allow us to go in when he is done swimming—can hardly wait.

So, all of that is peachy, but tomorrow (Tuesday) is why we are here. It is the day! The 200 Breaststroke preliminaries are in the morning, and I am absolutely so pumped for my 'little' bro. He is going to be amazing. And no matter the outcome-- he is still doing amazing things so many people only dream of. I couldn't be prouder.

Tonight's semi finals were AWESOME for USA! Highlight of the night-- Missy Franklin winning the gold in the 100 backstroke! Such a classy girl, all at the ripe age of 17! I look up to her in so many ways and she inspires such a wide range of individuals all over the swimming globe.

Second highlight: women's 200 free. Allison Schmitt was my 2008 Beijing Roommate, and she did outstanding. Looks stronger than ever, and I think she is in serious contention for gold tomorrow night at finals. Stay tuned.... Oh and another snippet on Missy: she doubled tonight! That means swam both the 200 free semi and the 100 back final. As if the girl couldn't get any tougher-- she made it back 8th in the 200 free as well. WOO-HOO!

And Michael Phelps toughed out that 200 fly, and won his semi heat. He may not be doing what people "expect", but no one will EVER take away what he has already accomplished. The kid has been on top of the world for a decade plus. He is doing incredible in my book.

Goodnight from London.... Ready for TEAM CLARK tomorrow morning! Go USA!!


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