August 17th, 2012

Elementary Excellence: Holy Trinity Parish School

Sarah Newell

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Elementary Excellence: Holy Trinity Parish School
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Perspective from Booster Club President

The following feature is a part of a weekly series called "Elementary Excellence" - a set of profiles that will spotlight Louisville area Catholic elementary schools and its athletic programs, teams, traditions and excellence in all aspects of sports. Do you want your school to be featured? Send us your recommendation to

As the Eagles soar into a new season, Booster President Jody Demling says he’s ready to see the athletic teams get moving on field.

“The numbers of athletes at Holy Trinity just continue to grow. We try to put the best product out there that we can for the kids,” said Demling. "The numbers are crazy though, just in the sheer number of kids that we have participating in the fall. We have 94 cross country runners, we have 36 cheerleaders, we have 177 kids in our kindergarten through grade two soccer program, we have 102 kids in volleyball and 130 kids in football. The numbers that we are dealing with are pretty unbelievable.”

With a push to see archery become an offered activity at Holy Trinity this school year, Demling said that he wants to see new sports and new opportunities always available to the Eagles.

“Lacrosse is huge at our school, and I was approached by someone not too long ago about adding a bass fishing program,” said Demling. "I know of some other schools that have done that so we are always looking in different directions if it is something that will benefit the student body. Archery really seems to have a ton of interest. One reason we are adding archery, besides just a lot of interest, is because down the road there is a lot of opportunities for kids to get scholarships into the college level through archery, and if there is just one kid that benefits down the road from it, then its well worth it."

Even though college athletics may be a possibility for school students in the future, Demling is focused on the athletic department at Holy Trinity.

“This is the best time of their lives and if they go on to play high school it’s a different beast, a whole different level,” said Demling. “I want all of our kids to enjoy what they are doing and playing time is a big thing at Holy Trinity, even on our best teams we make sure that everyone has an opportunity and they get the chance that they should be able to have. “

In his fourth year as President, Demling works with Athletic Director Vince Elpers to keep the athletic program moving forward.

“We have been together for two years now and its been pretty good, our biggest thing is getting people signed up and we have been doing that online and it helps, obviously, when you can do things with technology,” said Demling.

While Holy Trinity will use their own field space for sports this year, Demling says they use other locations in Louisville for practice time.

“In the fall we have six football teams, five flag football teams and 16 soccer teams so we can’t have them all at Holy Trinity,” said Demling. “We use the Water Tower location and we use the Chance School field each year.”

With roughly 700 students at Holy Trinity this year, there will be about 525 students in a fall sport this season, according to Demling.

“I think last year for grades three through eight our percentage was about 90 percent,” said Demling. There are so many volunteers that help us throughout the year. We just couldn’t do it without all the volunteers."

With a family of his own and a career as the Publisher of Cardinal Authority, Demling says he wants to continue to find time to give back to Holy Trinity Parish School and make this year the best one yet.

Said Demling: “Holy Trinity is a cool parish to be around, and Father Mark starts that. It’s like 'You know what, this is what we are here for. We are here for the kids.' We want to provide them with the best opportunities possible.”


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