August 17th, 2012

Health N' Sports: Kinesiotaping For Joint Pain

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Health N' Sports: Kinesiotaping For Joint Pain
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Kinesiotaping for Joint Pain & Muscle Inflammation

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If you watched the Olympics over the last two weeks, I’m sure you have seen this strange athletic tape on many of the athletes.  This tape is called Kinesiotape and was developed by Dr. Kenzo Kase in Japan in the late 1970’s.  Dr. Kase originally designed the tape to be used with arthritic patients, to help decrease the pain associated with the disease.  Dr. Kase found that traditional tape immobilized the joint and decided to develop a modality that would mimic living tissue and help provide support and stability to the effected joint.

In regards to sports injuries, or for general orthopedic issues of overuse, the muscles lose their elasticity.  Dr. Kase found that by applying the tape to help muscle contraction, the patient’s pain had decreased.

Over the years, therapists have developed many forms of taping to promote muscular re-education, muscle inhibition and edema (swelling) reduction.  The uses of kinesiotape have been proven over the years to be beneficial, but should not be used in replacement of true physical rehabilitation of an injury.  The combination of kinesiotaping and physical therapy is a useful tool in the physical therapy road to recovery.

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