August 5th, 2012

Letters From London: The Week That Was

Caroline Burckle

Staff Reporter

Letters From London: The Week That Was
photo from Caroline Burckle

Burckle re-caps her week at the London Games

Back in the states already?

What a whirlwind of a trip. It went too fast. From walking 5-8 miles a day, to riding the subway, to being a spectator and a tourist, it seems as if there wasn't enough time to do it all! But somehow we managed to get it all done.

At this moment, I am watching the taped NBC times of all the different sports from my week there last week, and it is hitting me that I was actually in London, watching it all in person. I am so grateful for that opportunity, and having the chance to be on both sides of it now is something I'll never forget.

Team USA really showed their depth and versatility at this games. An observation I made is the fact that this team is split in half, between those swimmers who will hang up the cap and goggles now to pursue their real lives, and those young ones who are taking the world by storm, literally. From Missy Franklin to Jason Lezak, the camaraderie is there 100% no matter what. The depth of the young new team members truly bodes well for the next 4 years. They will step up and show their red, white and blue time and time again, setting up the next generation after them. It's so fascinating to see.

I do wish that there were more tickets available for other events while we were there. I am now eager to now watch the rest of the games from the comfort of my own home, wishing I could secretly be at the track & field venue or there to witness one of my favorites, synchronized swimming! But I'll leave that to the rest of the London- goers!

Here’s to my highlight of 2012. Let's support the rest of the athletes and hope they finish up with some more medal wins for the U.S. team!


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