September 11th, 2012

Elementary Excellence: St. Paul Parish School

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Conor Revell

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Elementary Excellence: St. Paul Parish School
from St. Paul's website

St. Paul may be small but that doesn't stop them

The following feature is a part of a weekly series called "Elementary Excellence" - a set of profiles that will spotlight Louisville area Catholic elementary schools and its athletic programs, teams, traditions and excellence in all aspects of sports. Do you want your school to be featured? Send us your recommendation to

St. Paul Parish School is smaller than most schools in the CSAA, but athletic director Jeff Adams still strives to be the best.

“I want them to learn teamwork, responsibility and sportsmanship through sports.  We want them to all have fun and to learn life skills that will hopefully stay with them throughout the rest of their lives.”

Last year, 177 students attended St. Paul. Nearly 85% of them played a sport of some type.

“Our main goal is to have as many student-athletes participate in our sports program as possible,” mentioned Adams. “Last year we had about 150 student-athletes in grades Pre-K through 8th that participate in our program, consisting of St. Paul students and Religious Education students in the Parish.  These numbers reflect our Intramural program as well as the C.S.A.A. sports for the upper grades.”

The CSAA offers a wide variety of sports, but that doesn’t mean a parish can’t offer a sport if they want to do so. The KHSAA has recently named archery as a new sanctioned sport and St. Paul is now offering it to members of their school as well.

“We have added archery even though it is not sponsored by the Sports Committee,” said Adams. “A few parents decided to start the club with St. Andrew Academy.  Right now we have around 30 students participating in the club.”

Despite its relatively small numbers, the school still has found ways to compete at all grade levels. The fifth and sixth grade girls made a lot of noise last year as they brought home two championships to St. Paul.

“We had a pretty solid year all around but the 5th and 6th grade girls definitely stood out,” beamed Adams.  “They won the city tournament in volleyball and basketball.  They also were in the quarterfinals in softball.  Our 7th and 8th grade girls’ basketball team were runners-up in the city tournament as well. 

St. Paul’s volleyball teams could make another championship run this year. Adams gives credit to the coaches who have worked to develop these girls.

“We are really excited about our Volleyball program again.  We have four solid teams in 5th through 8th grades and I think that each team has a chance to go far in the city tournament this year.  We have been very fortunate to have good coaches and coordinators over the last several years and they have really gotten our Volleyball program to a good, competitive level.”

Adam’s believes that St. Paul is a special place because the coaches generally stay and there’s not a high turnover rate.

“Our coaches have a low turnover rate.  Our coaches work hard to teach the skills to compete the right way,” noted Adams. “Several of our athletes go on to star in high school sports and a few make it to the collegiate level. This is a testament to the hard work and efforts of our coaching staff and the student/athletes at St. Paul.”

St. Paul’s sports committee oversees the administrative work that the athletic program does. They are in charge of making sure the gym, fields, and uniforms are in good condition. They also make sure that St. Paul is in compliance with CSAA.

“I have 12 Sports Committee members besides myself that I am thankful for,” said Adams. “The committee oversees the sports program at every level.  We were able to purchase new scoreboards with wireless controllers for the gym two years ago and new volleyball and basketball uniforms this year.  We did this without asking the parents for a lot of money.”

Adams volunteers because it is all about the kids. He wants to ensure that the kids have a good time and learn about life while going through the St. Paul athletic program.

“The only thing that matters is the kids,” said Adams. “It is my responsibility to ensure that the kids have what they need to be able to compete, learn and have fun. I would say work ethic, teamwork and sportsmanship are the ones that really stand out to me.  I really believe that if these three things are part of your core values, you can succeed at anything you want throughout your life.  It applies to sports but also to school and eventually the working world.”



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