September 14th, 2012

Health N' Sports: Foot Pain

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Health N' Sports: Foot Pain
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 Louisville Orthopaedic Clinic explains Morton's Neuroma

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Morton’s neuroma is a painful area in the ball of the foot, usually between the 3rd and 4th toes.  It is the result of inflammation or thickening around a nerve in the forefoot.  Pain can be accompanied by tingling and numbness in the toes.  Often one feels as though there is a pebble in the shoe or sock.   


This pain is primarily with weight bearing activities and can come on within a few minutes of walking, running, or playing sports. Sports involving a lot of weight bearing on the toes or forefoot such as running and tennis can result in Morton’s neuroma. Excessive walking in high heels or shoes that are tight in the forefoot can also result in this condition.


This first treatment option if you run or play a sport is to try some rest and anti-inflammatories. An orthotic in the shoe or metatarsal pad placed in the shoe can also take the pressure off the neuroma and relieve symptoms. If symptoms do not resolve this condition is often treated with a steroid shot. In rare cases a chronic or severe case of Morton’s neuroma will require surgery. If you have been experiencing pain in the forefoot and/or numbness in the toes you can consult a doctor or physical therapist regarding potential treatment options.

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