January 31st, 2013

"20 Questions" with Robert Leasure

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Conor Revell

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"20 Questions" with Robert Leasure
Robert is in the Virginia shirt / photo from the St. Xavier website

Virginia signee tackles the questions

Each week, LouisvilleCatholicSports.com will be getting to know a new student-athlete from the area by asking him/her a series of 20 questions that will provide insight into the thoughts and personalities of the boys and girls who are doing great things on and off the local courts, fields, tracks, and courses. To see past editions of "20 Questions," please click here.

Name: Robert Leasure

Age: 18

Current school: St. Xavier

Current Sports playing: Swimming

Parish/grade school attended: Sacred Heart Model School

High school GPA: 3.1

Colleges considering or attending: Committed to swim at the University of Virginia

1. What is your proudest athletic moment? Being a part of a national record setting 400 freestyle relay team when I was 14.

2. What is your ideal meal/snack before a game? Subway, and that will never change.

3. If you were trying out for American Idol, what would be your "go to" song? I Knew You Were Trouble - Taylor Swift

4. Which athlete do you look up to on a college/professional level? Why? Clark Burckle, because we both come from the same background and teams, he was able to achieve just about all you can as a swimmer by going to the Olympics. I know him and have talked to him many times, and he is a great role model and someone for me to try to be like as an athlete.

5. What is your favorite movie quote? "I don't know how to put this but I'm kind of a big deal... People know me." -Ron Burgundy (Anchorman)

6. How does your faith impact your approach to sports? I think faith has a calming effect on me as an athlete. It can be used to help with nerves and also to relax your-self before a big competition.  I know that when I am in church or just praying it gives me time to just think to myself and reach a level of peace with what is going on in life.  It definitely helps me deal with the craziness that surrounds my life as a swimmer.

7. What is your favorite cartoon character? Tommy Pickles from Rugrats was always an inspiration to me as a toddler.

8. All-time favorite board game? Candyland, even though I always cheated.

9. Droid, iPhone, or Blackberry? Favorite app? iPhone, and definitely twitter.

10. What is your favorite local restaurant? Sapporo's.

11. What is your favorite reality TV show? American Idol.

12. What is your greatest fear? I'd say change. I am a person who sticks to their routine and once I find something I like, I stay with that. When big things in my life are changing, like going to college next year that scares me.

13. What is your best quality/characteristic? My competitiveness.

14. Favorite junk/comfort food? Cookies and Cream Ice Cream

15. What is your favorite hour of the day? Why? 7 p.m., because I'm finished with the day and it is time for dinner.

16. What is your nickname and how did you get it? Big Bob, because my name is Robert (obviously), and I was a pretty huge kid growing up.

17. Where is your favorite place to volunteer/provide community service? The past few years I have worked at the Special Olympics swim meet, and I have always enjoyed this.  I'm used to being the one competing; to switch roles, and to help those people compete is very rewarding.

18. What is one hidden talent that you possess? Clutch 3 point shooting.

19. If time machines were real, and you could choose just one - to travel forward or backward - which would you select and why? I would say backward because I have such great memories of my childhood and growing up. I would love to get to experience that again.  I have had an awesome life so far and I am very thankful for that.

20. If you could pick one person, dead or alive, and ask them just one question that they had to answer honestly, who would you pick and what would you ask? I would love to walk up to Anthony Davis and ask him to come to my next birthday party. I have a feeling he'd say yes.


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