January 5th, 2013

James Quick Commits to U of L

Lee Handel

Staff Writer

James Quick Commits to U of L
Quick is in his US Army All-American Bowl jersey / file photo by Conor Revell

Quick: Named MVP Of US Army All-American Bowl


Surrounded by his family, friends and coaches, Trinity senior James Quick smiled into the NBC cameras staring back at him, eyes gleaming, as he announced where he was going to play football next year.


His mother and father clung to his arms, steadying him as he made one of the most important decisions of his life.


Quick cemented his legacy as one of the most renowned overall athletes to ever grace the halls of Trinity. He helped the Rocks hoist their first ever basketball state championship and won three consecutive individual titles in the 200 meter dash.


He became the state's all-time leading wide receiver for receptions and is among the top five in several other categories. Quick won the Paul Hornung Award as the state's best football player, was named Gatorade Player of the Year, and Kentucky's Mr. Football.


And with one swift motion, James grabbed the familiar red and black cap. The colors his father wore in year's past as a Louisville Cardinal. Somewhere, Charlie Strong and his staff were fist-pumping and jumping up and down. Somewhere, Urban Meyer and the Buckeyes staff was trying to figure out where they went wrong. 


But, alas, James still had a game to win. His team trailed 8-7 and there might be time for James to save the day. Beatty and Coverdale's East team had the ball with only a few moments left that left Trinity offensive coordinator Andrew Coverdale pondering a 4th and 16 call that decided the game.


“James was so invaluable to us this week," said Coverdale, who doubled as the play caller for head coach Bob Beatty who commanded the East team. "Coach Beatty talked to me about how difficult it was going to be to teach a whole new system to a bunch of guys we'd never seen before. James just allowed us to do so much."


Coverdale knew just who to call for in this situation.


"Well, the play was a corner post and we knew if he could just get off the line, that James would have a chance to win. All we really wanted was the first down. I'm not sure we could have run that without James being out there."


East signal-caller Jeremy Johnson took the snap, and waited for Quick's patented double-move on the West defender. Quick hurled the ball in the end zone, touchdown.


The only decision left for Quick? 


Which side to show on TV while accepting the Pete Dawkins MVP award from West Point's Heisman trophy winner.


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