January 5th, 2013

Tigers Defeat No. 1 Bombers 171-144

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Conor Revell

Managing Editor

Tigers Defeat No. 1 Bombers 171-144
Tigers and Bombers compete in dual meet / photo by Conor Revell

Tigers knock off No.1 team in the country

In sports, it’s a big deal when you hear the phrase, “And Number One goes down.” When it comes to KHSAA swimming, Louisville St. Xavier is the number one team, and the Tigers aren’t used to swimming as the underdogs.

But on a gloomy Saturday afternoon at the Ralph B. Natatorium, Louisville St. Xavier swam as the underdogs.

Ranked No.1 in the country, the Cincy St. Xavier Bombers traveled 100 miles to battle the Louisville St. Xavier Tigers.

And indeed, number one went down. For the third straight year, the Tigers knocked off the Bombers 171-144 in a dual meet in front of a rambunctious crowd.

“It’s always a great meet,” Louisville St. Xavier swimming head coach Todd Larkin said. “Every year we circle this event on our calendar and they circle it on their calendar. We’re two teams that have a lot of respect for each other. It’s about swimming, competing, and it’s what high school athletics is all about.”

Knowing that Cincy St. Xavier would win several of the late events, Louisville St. Xavier stressed the importance of winning early. The Tigers notched wins in four of the first five events.  

“We really frontloaded the meet,” Larkin explained. “We knew we had to build a lead and it was just a matter of whether or not we could hold the lead. But we had some guys step up in those back races. Nicholas Sehlinger winning the breaststroke was huge. We needed guys like Nick to step up and they did.”

Cincy St. Xavier responded by winning five of the last six events.

Nicholas Sehlinger won the 100 yard breaststroke to win the meet for the Tigers in the second to last event.

“I think our team as a whole brought a lot more intensity than Cincy St. X did,” Sehlinger said. “Coach Larkin gave us a speech earlier today about how far we have come as a team since our freshman year when we got crushed by them. And all of us seniors stepped up today and led us to a victory. This is the most events we have ever won against them.”

Mitchell Forde and University of Virginia commit Robert Leasure finished with a huge day by notching top three finishes in four events. Including a win in the 200 yard freestyle for Forde and Leasure swam his way to a win in the 200 yard IM.

“I think we are strongest at the beginning of meets,” Leasure said. “Our biggest strength is in the diving competition and that was huge to grab that lead and it was a huge deal because Cincy St. X is so strong in the back events. If we had trailed after those first few events, we would have been in huge trouble.”

Louisville St. Xavier will wrap up the regular season with several small events. This week the Tigers will compete in a meet with Atherton and Fern Creek High School.

“We need to improve on our turns and walls from here on out,” Larkin said. “And we still have to rest so we will look at certain things over the next six weeks. We have a lot of details we need to work out before the state meet.”


Boys 200 Yard Medley Relay

  • 1) Heyward Harrison, Nicholas Sehlinger, Jacob Smith, Garrett Stephens 1:36.87. (St. Xavier-Lou)
  • 2) Ian Wooley, Steve Russo, James DelGado, Alex Burgess 1:38.74 (Cincy St. X)
  • 3) Robet Leasure, Richard Carrico, David Rubenstein, Harrison Pruitt 1:40.68 (St. Xavier-Lou)

Boys 200 Yard Freestyle

  • 1) Mitchell Forde 1:43.60 (St. Xavier-Lou)
  • 2) Jack Hendricks 1:43.76 (Cincy St. X)
  • 3) William Cromer 1:44.86 (St. Xavier Louisville

Boys 200 Yard IM

  • 1) Robert Leasure, 1:54.83, (St. Xavier-Lou)
  • 2) James DelGado, 1:56.80, (Cincy St. X)
  • 3) Clayton Forde, 1:58.64, (St. Xavier-Lou)

Boys 50 Yard Freestyle

  • 1) Grant Johnson 21.86 (Cincy St. X)
  • 2) Garrett Stephens, 22.27, (St. Xavier-Lou)
  • 3) Harrison Pruitt, 22.52, (St. Xavier-Lou)

Boys 1 mtr Diving

  • 1) Alex Dumstorf, 238.65, (St. Xavier-Lou)
  • 2) Matthew Johnson, 180.30, (St. Xavier-Lou)
  • 3) Michael Miller, 175.75, (St. Xavier-Lou)

Boys 100 Yard Butterfly

  • 1) Ian Wooley, 51.54, (Cincy St. X)
  • 2) Heyward Harrison, 53.39, St. Xavier-Lou)
  • 3) Jacob Smith, 54.59, (St. Xavier-Lou)

Boys 100 Yard Freestyle

  • 1) Grant Johnson, 47.99, (Cincy St. X)
  • 2) Mitchell Forde, 48.42, (St. Xavier-Lou)
  • 3) William Cromer, 49.00, (St. Xavier-Lou)

Boys 500 Yard Freestyle

  • 1) Jack Hendricks, 4:39.49, (Cincy St. X)
  • 2) James DelGado, 4:40.09, (Cincy St. X)
  • 3) Robert Leasure, 4:40.57, (St. Xavier-Lou)

Boys 200 Yard Freestyle Relay

  • 1) Mitchell Frey, Alex Burgess, Jack Hendricks, Grant Johnson, 1:27.68, (Cincy St. X)
  • 2) William Cromer, Jacob Smith, Garrett Stephens, Mitchell Forde, 1:28.53, (St. Xavier-Lou)
  • 3) Collins Obrien, Ryan McMillen, Richard Carrico, Harrison Pruitt, 1:29.53, (St. Xavier-Lou)

Boys 100 Yard Backstroke

  • 1) Ian Wooley, 51.91, (Cincy St. X)
  • 2) Harrison Heyward, 54.03, (St. Xavier-Lou)
  • 3) David Rubenstein, 54.82. (St. Xavier-Lou)

Boys 100 Yard Breaststroke

  • 1) Nicholas Sehlinger, 58.26, (St. Xavier-Lou)
  • 2) Steve Russo, Steve J, 58.87, (Cincy St. X)
  • 3) Will Imbus, 1:00.93, (Cincy St. X)

Boys 400 Yard Freestyle Relay

  • 1) Kevin Mosko, Jack Hendricks, Ian Wooley, Grant Johnson, 3:14.00, (Cincy St. X)
  • 2) Harrison Heyward, Robert Leasure, Mitchell Forde, William Cromer, 3:15.25. (St. Xavier-Lou)
  • 3) Ryan McMillen, John Hubbuch, Noah Johnston, Camden Johnston, 3:20.45, (St. Xavier-Lou)

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