January 8th, 2013

Elementary Excellence: Holy Family

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Conor Revell

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Elementary Excellence: Holy Family
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Cahoe has high hopes for his Holy Family basketball team

Football season has come and gone; now the action is on the basketball court. The Holy Family community has high hopes and expectations for its 7th/8th grade A basketball team coached by Todd Cahoe. 

“We came into this year hoping to just get a few wins and be competitive each game,” Cahoe said. “Now I actually think if we can get a couple of breaks we can win a couple games in the city tournament. Our goal is to compete hard every game.”

While Cahoe expects to win, he wants his team to play confident and use their confidence on and off the court.

“My goal for this team as it is for all the teams I coach is to teach these guys to be confident in themselves and compete in everything they do on and off the court,” Cahoe said. “Hopefully, we teach them a few things that may help them with their game down the line if they keep playing.”

In basketball, communication is a key to success. Cahoe’s stresses the same idea. He expects his team to play together, communicate with each other, and to share the ball.

“We try to play an up tempo game and teach the kids to play together as one unit,” Cahoe said. “Every man needs to play tight man-to-man defense and we want the kids to be able to rely on their teammates for help if they get beat. We really stress help defense.”

On offense, Cahoe relies on his post players rather than try to shoot the ball on the perimeter. If the post players don’t have a play, then he expects his players to share the ball.

“Offensively, we like to look to the post first and have the post feed the rest of the offense if he doesn’t have a shot,” Cahoe said. “At times we like to spread the floor and let our guy beat the man guarding him, and then he can dish to open guys if the defense collapses. I think if we can teach the boys to play as a team first then I think that will help at the next level.”

Dustin Hollencamp and Des Ridder are Cahoe’s go to guys and leaders of the team.

“We really rely on two of our 8th graders (Dustin Hollencamp & Des Ridder),” Cahoe said. “They’re our two best players and they lead by example in different ways. Dustin is the quiet workhorse and Des is the vocal, athletic guy that can hit his shot when we really need it.”

Like most CSAA coaches, Cahoe volunteers. Cahoe coaches because his son plays on this year’s squad.

“I do it because of my son Kyle and he is one of only two 7th graders on our team,” Cahoe said. “I like to be around him as much as possible. I also love being around all of the kids and trying to teach them a little bit about sports. I don’t claim to be a great coach when it comes to X’s & O’s, but I do think I can teach the kids a little something about being competitive on and off the court.”


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