October 4th, 2013

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Paul Hornung

Louisville Orthopeadic Clinic shares the athlete’s perspective

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As the rivalry week continues for St. Xavier High School and Trinity High School with the football game tonight, Louisville Orthopaedic Clinic gives insight to Paul Hornung’s career and rehabilitation after injury he dealt with from his football career. Louisville Orthopaedic Clinic’s Dr. Earnest Eggers’ helped Hornung with his injuries.

Hornung is probably most well known for his athletic career while playing football at Notre Dame in addition to playing professionally, most notably for the Green Bay Packers. Though many of you know him as one of the greatest football players to ever play the game, he was actually quite the baseball and basketball player having played college basketball for Notre Dame as well. Having countless honors and awards to his credit, Hornung is no stranger to the effect a lifetime of playing sports at the highest levels can have on your body.

Many athletes typically focus their efforts into one sport, naturally allowing for an off season in which the body has a chance to rest & recover before conditioning and practice start up again. Previously stated, Hornung spent most of his life, starting as a young boy, playing several sports constantly pushing his body to its limit. This consistent overuse leads to injury, as well as an increased pace at which the body succumbs to the effects of degenerative disease.

During Hornung’s athletic career he measured 6’2 in height, weighing approximately 215lbs, considerably larger than the average male at that time. Hornung states that aside from a pinched nerve that sidelined him, there were no other serious injuries sustained although he mentions his legs getting “pretty banged up” on the field. The stress Hornung’s body endured finally caught up to him when “about 7 or 8 years ago” he started experiencing significant joint pain and stiffness in his knees and hips. Several years back a friend, Donald T. McAllister, M.D. referred Horning to Dr. Eggers to which he states “he’s very glad he did”. At this time, Hornung has had both hips and one knee replaced at the hands of Eggers, M.D.

Today, Hornung enjoys spending time with friends and family and making the occasional appearance for events, typically honoring his storied career. Hornung credits Dr. Eggers with helping to restore a quality of life he enjoyed before seeking treatment for knee & hip pain & stiffness. A combination of Dr. Egger’s skill, with the use of devices that were customized to his size, helped him to return to a life he can enjoy without pain and restrictions to activity. When asked if he has any advice for athletes today in reference to injury and the after affects he says “No, they don’t think about what they’re putting their bodies through now, they just want to go out and play the game”. As expected, when I asked whether it was all worth it, he replied without hesitance “Absolutely”.

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