March 21st, 2013

Pitt Academy: Cheerleading national champs

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Conor Revell

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Pitt Academy: Cheerleading national champs
photo submitted by Pitt Academy

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Last year the Pitt Academy Special Olympics cheerleading squad was invited to compete in the national competition for the first time ever.

They arrived home with a top-10 finish, and a year later the Pitt Academy squad participated in nationals again.

“Going into the tournament I told them to remember what they have worked for,” Pitt Academy head coach Michelle Rogers said. “Keep your eyes on the prize and stay focused. We know what we came here for and what we’re supposed to do.”

This time the Bears walked away as grand champions at the Cheersport Nationals held last month in Atlanta.

“Our goal going into this year was to do our best,” the coach said. "After last year’s finish, did I expect to be first? Not really, it kind of blew me away when they told me we were in first place. I felt like we had done well and I was pleased with their performance.”

Over 900 teams competed, but only 22 Special Olympic teams received a bid.

"I’m beyond with pride right now,” Rogers said. “I’m very proud of them because we won first in region, first in state; we won Grand Champions, and National Champions. It was a triple crown and a clean sweep and I couldn’t be more proud of them.”

But the Bears didn’t cruise to a national title. Pitt overcame adversity and challenges along the way. When the season started, the Pitt Academy team had nine members on the squad. By competition day, the Bears were down to six.

“They overcame obstacles on and off the floor,” the coach said. “So that makes all of this a bit more special. They really came together and pitched in as a team effort. Everybody put forth 110 percent. Going from nine to six was an obstacle for us. And we knew it was going to be hard to compete with just six girls, but they all pulled their weight. This win made it a little bit more special because they had to work a little harder due to not having the other girls.”

That didn’t stop or hinder the confidence of the Bears. After day one, Pitt Academy led the defending champs, the Georgia All-Stars by two points. A repeat performance on Sunday gave Pitt Academy a thrilling win and national championship.

“The girls were shocked when they heard they won,” she said. “They had no idea they were in the lead after the first day. I actually knew Saturday night that we were in the lead over the defending champs. A two-point lead isn’t much in cheerleading, so I didn’t want to go in and tell the girls. I just wanted them to try there hardest again on Sunday, so I didn’t tell them because that they may be disappointed if they didn’t win.”

“In turn I think that made me more nervous because I had to carry that around for 24 hours and not tell anybody. But seeing their faces, they were speechless, emotional, I was emotional, and the girls were shocked. They really were.”


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