March 27th, 2013

Elementary Excellence: Our Lady of Lourdes

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Conor Revell

Managing Editor

Elementary Excellence: Our Lady of Lourdes
photo from the Our Lady of Lourdes facebook page

Scott Weber pointed to one thing as the key to victory when Our Lady of Lourdes beat St. Martha 28-24 in the Eighth-Grade AA championship game of the CSAA city basketball tournament: preparation.

“We knew the Shamrocks were going to play a 1-2-2,” the Bearcats’ coach said. “We had two guards out front, two forwards at the corners and the center in the middle. We wanted to press and felt that would throw them off. We were the only team in the league that played man-to-man defense, so we thought they would have trouble with that. We scouted them well, so we knew what we were going to do.”

Lourdes beat St. Bernard 34-18 in the quarterfinals and St. Athanasius 32-18 in the semifinals. St. Martha defeated St. Raphael (38-12) and St. Agnes (42-19) in the quarterfinals and semis, respectively. The Shamrocks went into the title game with an 8-0 record.

The win capped an undefeated season for the Bearcats and gave Weber his fourth career CSAA basketball title. Lourdes (10-0) won all of its games by at least 10 points.

“We didn’t play each other, but they were beating teams worse than we were,” Weber said. “They had two teams to work with. I only had one, so I had a big dropoff. So if we got a lead on somebody, I would put my other players in, so they were beating teams worse than we were. But I felt the fact that they hadn’t seen man-to-man would make a difference, and it did.”

Weber believed all season long that his team had a good chance to win the championship.

“We had five girls that play AAU, so we set our goal to win the league and city title,” he said. “We accomplished both. It was very emotional for us. I kind of felt that we were a little bit of an underdog. We both came in as league champs and they had beaten teams a little worse than we did.”

To make it even sweeter, Weber won this city title with his daughter playing on the team.

“We had a great season, but this win is special,” he said. “I’ve won three city championships before, but this one was extra special because my daughter was on the team. This was the first time I’ve ever won a city championship with one of my kids on the team, so that was real cool.”

With that said, Weber believes his team won because his players jelled on and off the court.

“We all got along,” the coach said. “We went to a U of L girls’ game, went to the Sacred Heart-Assumption game, went to mass twice. We had a party together, so we did a lot of different things outside of basketball together to help the team bond. We had some eighth-graders and seventh-graders.

And that was the catalyst that allowed the girls to help each other with Weber’s man-to-man defense.

“We play man-to-man defense, so you have to always rely on the next person,” he said. “And if you get beat, you have to rely on somebody else to come up on the help side. How you get along off the court applies to how you are on the court when you play a man-to-man defense like we do.”


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