April 12th, 2013

Elementary Excellence: CSAA Update

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Conor Revell

Managing Editor

Elementary Excellence: CSAA Update

Rick Arnold is the executive director of the Catholic School Athletic Association (CSAA), and with the 2012-13 school year winding down, the CSAA has gone through some changes this year.

“We’ve re-done the website so that it’s fresher,” Arnold said. “That will allow us to communicate a lot better with all of the families of the student-athletes and it will allow us to put out a lot more information on a regular basis.”

In the fall the CSAA hosted the 64th annual Toy Bowl at St. Xavier and Trinity high schools. The CSAA also held its annual City Volleyball Tournament. Six games were played in the Toy Bowl as the CSAA has three classes for the fifth-sixth- and seventh-eighth-grade leagues. The girls’ volleyball tournament was held at several of the girls’ high schools.

“We had some great Toy Bowl games that are always exciting,” Arnold said. “Volleyball was exciting as always as the sport continues to grow at all levels. The competition continues to get better and better.”

Next year families that have football and volleyball players may notice some changes that may affect them. Arnold is looking to possibly change the starting dates of football and volleyball, but nothing is set in stone.

Arnold saw several memorable moments over the past year. Some included schools winning city titles for the first time and he also enjoyed seeing some of the smaller schools have success that they have not seen in many years.

“We had some teams that made the finals for the first time ever,” Arnold said. “That’s great. We had close games and some terrific finishes. This wasn’t just at the highest level, it happened at all levels. Some smaller schools competed at a better level. Some of the smaller schools had the success they’ve not had in recent years. That was great to see.”

While the competition on the field is important to Arnold, his job is to ensure that the communication is there. If that’s not there he feels like that he hasn’t accomplished his goal..

“My goal is to improve the communication to and from the CSAA office,” Arnold said. “And for people to keep in mind that we’re a Catholic student sport organization and that the most important thing is the kids. It’s not all about the parents or coaches; that is the absolute bottom line, win or lose. The experience should make the kid a better and more well-rounded person.”

Now that the trees are budding and the days are getting warmer and longer, the competition is making its way back outside. But it’s different than previous years. Like the Kentucky High School Athletic Association, Arnold is hoping to create a dead period where families have time off from sports.

“We’re hoping to finish the field hockey season a little earlier this year so that we can give the families a little time away from CSAA sports,” he said. “We’re trying to create a two- or three-week dead period, but that’s a work in progress. That would allow families to plan their vacations around CSAA sports if so desired.”

All in all the majority of the year has been a great success, but Arnold mentioned that there’s still a few months left before everybody can sit back and reflect on the year.



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