June 21st, 2013

Health N' Sports: Injuries suffered during the summer

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Health N' Sports: Injuries suffered during the summer
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Summer Activities: What You Should Know -

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The school year has ended but these days kids rarely take a summer break from their sports.  Soccer and tennis camps are common summer activities for kids, along with more versatile camps involving several different sports.  In addition to attending various camps many children are on swim teams for their neighborhood or country club.  It is healthy and important for kids to stay active over the summer but parents should watch out for some common issues that come with summer sports.


Many camps, leagues, and practices take up a few hours if not the entire day. The heat and humidity of Kentucky summers can be dangerous for these rents and dehydration is a risk. It is crucial that kids are drinking plenty of fluids before and after play, but also every half hour at least during exercise.  This goes for swimming also- just because you are not feeling hot doesn't mean fluids are not crucial.

Overuse injuries

Many kids will go to intense summer camps for one sport.  Playing and training for a sport several hours a day several days in a row is a big change from playing an hour or two after school four days a week.  This is a classic scenario for overuse injuries such as tendinitis in the elbow (usually baseball or tennis), shoulder (i.e. swimming), or knee (i.e. soccer or running).  In more severe cases starting such intense training without ramping up can lead to stress fractures.  This can be particularly dangerous in kids who have not finished growing.  

Traumatic injuries

A sprained ankle or broken arm can happen at any time of year.  However playing/swimming/running for long hours in the heat can accelerate the onset of fatigue, leading to falls or accidents.  It is beneficial to have a coach with some knowledge of sports injuries and concussions.  


We’re not saying to avoid or be weary of sports camps or an increase in the intensity of your children’s activities. These are great opportunities to be taken advantage of for improving performance or just continuing to stay active throughout the summer. Mainly, just be sure to proceed with caution, try to gradually increase intensity, & stay hydrated so that you can fully enjoy the summer!

-Erin Fidler, MPT-

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