July 25th, 2013

Trinity A.D. Dennis Lampley to retire at end of year

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Paul Najjar

Senior Writer

Trinity A.D. Dennis Lampley to retire at end of year
Trinity Athletic Director Dennis Lampley

It is rare these days to find a person entrenched with one employer for 43 years. But Trinity High School Athletic Director Dennis Lampley, who has worn many hats in his employ for the Shamrocks, has decided to retire from his official athletic director duties at the end of the 2013-2014 school year. Rob Saxton, currently Trinity’s C.F.O., will take over the A.D. duties in the 2014-2015 school year.

“Forty three years is a long time and I haven’t really counted how many athletic directors we have had, but I know we haven’t had many,” said Lampley in his folksy, distinguished Tennessee drawl. “When I first got here, Father Jansing was in charge of athletics and then Bruce Lynch and I took it from there. It has been a thrill to oversee Trinity athletics all of these years, but this will give me a little more time to do some other things. We’ve won 22 state championships in my time and that’s a testament to the great coaches, student-athletes and support we’ve received from our community.”

Though Lampley, hired originally to teach Biology, will no longer serve as Athletic Director, he will move into a position as Trinity’s special events coordinator. And if you’ve been to a Trinity home football game in the past decade or two, you know what a special event a home game can be.

“We’ve had some big games and big sporting events at the school under Dennis’ tenure,” said Trinity President Dr. Rob Mullen. “And Dennis has handled all of those. Whether it’s a game on television or the Toy Bowl, he’s been great handling those games. We have had a succession plan in place for Dennis and this should be no problem at all.”

Lampley, who coached Trinity to five of its 22 football state championships as well as a 50 game win streak, gave little thought to whom he felt should succeed him. And he let Dr. Mullen know that immediately and without hesitation.

“When Dr. Mullen asked me about a successor, I immediately said ‘Rob Saxton is the right guy’ (for the job),” said Lampley. “Rob and I work together very well and he’s an excellent administrator. It’s been a really good working arrangement between the two of us in the past few years. He makes things go the right way and runs things very well.”

Saxton, in his 13th year with the school, has plenty of experience working side by side with Lampley on almost every aspect of the athletic program and has overseen the intramural program at the school. He’ll continue in his current roles and will transition into athletics next school year.

“We often talk about ‘the giants of Trinity,’” said Saxton. “And Dennis is one of the giants of Trinity. I’m not going to replace him; I’m just going to be the guy who has his job when he leaves. If you look at Trinity sports in the last decade, it has been, arguably, the most successful decade in the history of the school. The football team has been on an incredible run; the basketball team has done some things it has never done before; lacrosse has won a number of state championships and cross country has been very strong.

“Right now, we’ve had a very good run and we would like to see some of the other teams step up their performances in the same vein as football, basketball, lacrosse and cross country have,” Saxton continued. “Trinity wants excellence in everything it does whether it’s academics, athletics and citizenship. Some of the programs are very close and desire to pursue a state championship as well.”

A few programs that have seen quite a bit of success in recent years include Tennis and Swimming, with both programs among the top ten or higher in the state.

As Lampley mentioned, “I’m not really going anywhere, and I’ll be around to lend a hand wherever it is needed.”


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