November 24th, 2014

Hyland's Heroes: Brian Seay

Sarah Newell

CSN Staff Writer

Hyland's Heroes: Brian Seay
Brian Seay and his wife / photo provided by the Seay family

The following feature is a part of a bi-weekly series, sponsored by Hyland Insurance. "Hyland's Heroes" is a series of profiles that spotlight Louisville area Catholic volunteers, coaches and administrators who assist athletic programs and teams, and help promote excellence in all aspects of sports.

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Brian Seay went to school at St Stephen Martyr Parish school and played all of the basic sports that most kids played. He played baseball for the nearby Germantown Baseball Inc. and played football, basketball, and track and track for SSM.

When and how did you get your start with St. Stephen Martyr?

I attended St. Stephen Martyr and hung around the parish after I graduated. I helped my parents run a booth during picnic time and helped my Dad open and close the gym for the volleyball leagues.

Who asked you to contribute or what got you involved?

I do not remember who ask me to contribute in coaching but I started 11 or 12 years ago.

What sports did or do you volunteer to help and for how long?

I have volunteered for volleyball basketball, t-ball, and baseball.

What’s the connection with your faith and giving your time to student athletes?

The connection in faith is to teach these student athletes sportsmanship and team work.

Who was the most influential person on your volunteer career? Why?

My father Tom Seay is the most influential person in my volunteer career. He was always giving his time to the parish.

What are your major themes/principles as a volunteer?

The most important thing is to lead by example and you can do that by being a good role model for these students. They watch everything you say and do.

What does your role at St. Stephen Martyr bring to you or your family?

I have not thought about that before but it brings our family closer to the community.

What are the fondest experiences or memories you have of your volunteer time?

I enjoy seeing these student athletes learn something new and gaining confidence in what they are doing.


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