November 26th, 2014

20 Questions with Audrey Denham

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20 Questions with Audrey Denham
Audrey Denham plays field hockey and basketball for Pres / photo provided by the Denham family

Since 1974 the Louisville Orthopaedic Clinic has served the local area for orthopaedic problems and musculosketal issues. The sports medicine program has team physicians for local high schools which provide sports physicals and urgent care for athletes.

The Louisville Orthopaedic Clinic offers SPORTS INJURY URGENT CARE. Click for details: Urgent Care.

On a weekly basis, Louisville Orthopaedic Clinic is proud to sponsor the "20 Questions" that will feature a high school student-athlete in the local Catholic high school community. If there is a specific student-athlete that you’d like to know or hear more about, email future suggestions to

Name: Audrey Denham 

Age: 16

Current school: Presentation Academy

Current Sports playing: Field hockey and basketball.

Parish/grade school attended: St. Agnes

High school GPA (optional): 4.0

Colleges considering or attending: University of Louisville, Bellarmine University, Centre College, Wake Forrest College, Ball State, or Ohio University

1. What is your proudest athletic moment? Being chosen for the KY Select First Team in 2014 as a sophomore; winning the Gateway Field Hockey Tournament in St. Louis, and playing in the state field hockey tournament the last two years. 

2. What is your ideal meal/snack before a game? Fruit, granola bars, Gatorade bites, water and Powerade/Gatorade.

3. If you were trying out for American Idol, what would be your "go to" song? The Climb by Miley Cyrus or Wannabe by the Spice Girls.

4. Which athlete do you look up to on a college/professional level? Why? Paige Monsen, she plays field hockey for the University of Louisville field hockey and I admire her because of her passion for the game. She loves the sport and gives 100 percent each time she steps onto the field.

5. What is your favorite movie quote? “There’s no place like home,” The Wizard of Oz.

6. How does your faith impact your approach to sports? I believe that God has given me a gift and it is my job to carry out his plan for me. I am blessed and want to live my life to the fullest and not take anything for granted. 

7. What is your favorite cartoon character? The Powerpuff Girls.

8. All-time favorite board game? Monopoly.

9. Droid, iPhone, or Blackberry? Favorite app? Droid, Instagram.

10. What is your favorite local restaurant? El Nopal.

11. What is your favorite reality TV show? The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

12. What is your greatest fear? Not being able to play field hockey in college and pursue my academic career goals.

13. What is your best quality/characteristic? Organized, determined, outgoing and intelligent.

14. Favorite junk/comfort food? Popcorn and Dove milk chocolate.

15. What is your favorite hour of the day? Why? 5 p.m. — not too early and not too late!

16. What is your nickname and how did you get it? “Audge” and “Audge Podge” and they probably call me that because it is shorter and silly.

17. Where is your favorite place to volunteer/provide community service? The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation because I am inspired by the CF patients I have met who work hard every day just to breathe. Their strength and courage inspire me to live my life to the fullest.

18. What is one hidden talent that you possess? Secretly, I am Hannah Montana!

19. If time machines were real and you could choose just one - to travel forward or backward - which would you select and why? Backwards, to re-live the Egyptian era, the 60’s, etc…

20. If you could pick one person, dead or alive, and ask them just one question that they had to answer honestly, who would you pick and what would you ask? The person I would choose is Mahatma Gandhi and I would ask him, ‘If you had the chance to live another life in this current century, would you do anything differently from the life you had already lived and do you think your faith would alter?”

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