January 26th, 2015

St. X wins South Oldham wrestling tourney

Staff Report

St. X wins South Oldham wrestling tourney
Dominic Lampe won the 170 weight class / photo from WSTX Sports - by Tim Porco

St. Xavier’s wrestling team won the South Oldham Invitational this past week. Trinity placed second.

Keegan Duncan (132), Benjamin Barton (152), Tyler Frankrone (182) and Lucas Miozza (195) won events for the Shamrocks.

Nathan Haddad (160), Dominic Lampe (170) and Joe Green (220) won events for the Tigers. Here’s a look at the full results.

Team Scores: St. Xavier 228, Trinity 188, Fern Creek 174, Oldham County 158.5, Woodford County 149, Lafayette 139.5, Moore 93.5, North Oldham 80.5, Henry Clay 73, Southern 52.5, Central 42, John Hardin 57, Conner 52, Eastern 42, South Oldham36.5.

106 – Championship: Tylan Tucker (Wood) def. Konner Kraeszig (St. X) 5-0. Third Place: Brandon Miller (HC) def. Brody Haverstick (JH) 6-2. Fifth Place: Drew Johnson (NO) def. Zachary Brooks (OC) 3-0.

113 — Championship: Jorge Vega (FC) def. Tucker Hurst (Wood) 9-2. Third Place: Austin Cook (St. X) def. Zach Taylor (Trin) 12-5. Fifth Place: Kevin Richards (HC) pinned Brett Shea (OC) 2:32.

120 — Championship: Joey Roberts (Wood) def. Michael Beets (St. X) 5-2. Third Place: Tyler Strock (HC) def. Colton Lampe (FC) 13-1. Fifth Place: Dwayne Joh son (East) def. Val Lui (NO) 10-3.

126 — Championship: Connor Cambron (FC) def. Jacob Henley (OC) 6-4. Third Place: Jack Fallon (Wood) def. Danten Rice (Trin) 7-3. Fifth Place: Kaden Darbro (St. X) def. Jaython Elliott (Sout) 6-4.

132 — Championship: Keegan Duncan (Trin) def. AJ Bindner (FC) 2-1. Third Place: Kevin Vasquez (Laf) def. Bobby Poynter (Moore) forfeit. Fifth Place: Nick Wise (OC) pinned Jordan Kerr (HC) 4:52.

138 — Championship: Trent Johnson (JH) def. Angel Vasquez (Laf) 7-5. Third Place: Derek Willey (Conn) pinned Jeremy Henehan (FC) 0:48. Fifth Place: Adam Rivera (Moore) def. Dallas Miles (St. X) 3-2.

145 — Championship: Max Andreoni (Wood) def. Justin Torgerson (Laf) 12-4. Third Place: Jared Branch (FC) def. Tim Poynter (Moore) 8-6. Fifth Place: Tyrann Cobble (Cent) def. Sam Gnadinger (OC) 6-4.

152 — Championship: Benjamin Barton (Trin) def. Riley Hawes (East) 11-5. Third Place: Calieb Ray (St. X) def. Bryce Hoffman (FC) 4-3. Fifth Place: Tristin Badida (Conn) def. John Reitnauer (NO) 3-1.

160 — Championship: Nathan Haddad (St. X) def. Max Emerson (OC) 10-6. Third Place: Caleb Barrett (Sout) pinned Lee Johnson (Cent) 2:52. Fifth Place: Warren Tucker (JH) def. Ruben Rojas (Moore) 3-1.

170 — Championship: Dominic Lampe (St. X) def. Alex McIntosh (OC) 4-2. Third Place: Jon Green (Laf) def. Yomajesty Warfield (FC) 3-1. Fifth Place: Evan Rademaker (S. Old.) def. Aaron Duncan (Cent) 15-10.

182 — Championship: Tyler Frankrone (Trin) def. Mikey Smith (Moore) 5-2. Third Place: Dameon Black (Laf) def. Adam Miller (East) 2-0. Fifth Place: Ray-Karl Irving (HC) def. Cobe Calhoun (St. X) 2-1.

195 — Championship: Lucas Miozza (Trin) def. Kohl Dodd (FC) 10-2. Third Place: Collin Portman (NO) pinned Marco Ruiz (Moore) 2:38. Fifth Place: William Bossert (Laf) pinned Andrew Varble (Wood) 0:30.

220 — Championship: Joe Green (St. X) pinned Ian Fullerton (OC) 3:27. Third Place: John-Luc Hall (Trin) pinned Corey McQueary (Moore) 1:11. Fifth Place: Josh Van Strien (Conn) def. Nate Hill (Wood) 7-2.

285 — Championship: Landon Young (Laf) pinned Landin Jones (NO) 1:03. Third Place: Nolan Bowman (Sout) def. Ian Robert (Trin) 5-1. Fifth Place: Daniel Sheridan (St. X) def. Matt Davis (S. Old.) 3-1.



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