October 6th, 2015

Holy Trinity, St. Edward runners win in CSAA meet

Staff Report

Holy Trinity, St. Edward runners win in CSAA meet
St. Edward runners swept the top two spots in the girls’ 7th-8th grade race. Sara Wilkinson (right) won and Abigail Bohn placed second / photo by Ashli McLean

By Ashli McLean

It was a lopsided win for Lincoln Williams, but it wasn’t easy.

The Holy Trinity runner looked back for his competitors as he neared the finish line and didn’t see a single runner within 100 yards.

But Williams had to overcome a stomach cramp and toughed it out during his final, long strides to win the CSAA’s 7th-8th grade cross country race in 10:12.8 Tuesday evening at E.P. “Tom” Sawyer State Park.

His remedy for the common cramp: press his fingers down on the area of pain and then simply run through it.

“It usually works for me,” he said.

Williams’ six-days-a-week training that includes running roughly 30 miles prepared him to finish on top at the meet. Having such a large lead presented a challenge for him, however.

“It’s a little tough because you don’t have as much motivation to push harder, but you’ve just got to prepare every day and race your hardest to a finish,” said Williams, who is one of the younger eighth graders on his team.

Making the victory even sweeter, Holy Trinity teammates Boland Grayson (10:30.5) and Benton Williams (10:31.9) placed second and third, respectively. 

“Yeah, it’s super awesome,” Lincoln said of Holy Trinity getting the top three finishes. “Benton, he didn’t run last year, but he’s super talented. He’s great. Boland has been working really hard to get up here with it and it’s just awesome to get the finish one-two-three.”

On the girls’ side, Sara Wilkinson and Abigail Bohn, both of St. Edward, swept the first two spots in the 7th-8th grade race. Wilkinson finished in 11:04.0, Bohn in 11:06.2.

It appeared Wilkinson had a kick near the end of the race as she started sprinting, focusing on the finish line.

“(Sara) kind of pushes me because I look up to her and she always gives us pep talks,” said Bohn, a seventh grader. “It always kind of makes me feel better. That finish, I knew third place was right behind me and so I knew if I just stayed right with her that I would get second.”

Bohn said Wilkinson’s pep talks consist of phrases such as, “Don’t be nervous,’” “Do your best” and “Everyone will be proud of us.”

Bohn accomplished what she hoped to do: finish in less than 11:07 and place in the top five.

“It makes me feel like I’m getting to my goal and I have more one year to make it happen,” she said.

Blake Whiteley of St. Patrick School finished first in the 5th-6th grade boys’ race with a time of 5:26.9. Josie Gilvan (5:56.8) of Our Lady of Lourdes took the 5th-6th grade girls’ race.

Here are additional winners from the CSAA Fun Run:

*Girls’ 2nd grade and under: Miley Downham, Southern Indiana Catholic, 3:06.5 (6:12/mile pace)

*Boys’ 2nd grade and under: Kaden Wancket, Notre Dame Academy (Louisville), 2:58.6 (5:56/mile pace)

*Girls’ 3rd grade: Lauren Campisano, St. Edward (3:05.5,  4:07/mile pace)

*Boys’ 3rd grade: Roman Sierpina, Sacred Heart Model School, 2:57.3 (3:56/mile pace)

*Girls’ 4th grade: Brooklyn Campisano, St. Edward, 4:26.7 (4:26/mile pace)

*Boys’ 4th grade: Owen Walker, St. Edward, 4:29.4 (5:59/mile pace)


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