November 6th, 2016

St. Bernard edges Holy Trinity to win 8-AA Toy Bowl

Samantha Stallings


St. Bernard edges Holy Trinity to win 8-AA Toy Bowl
The Wildcats celebrate with the 8-AA trophy / photo by Samantha Stallings

St. Bernard defeated Holy Trinity 12-0 to win the 8-AA Toy Bowl at Trinity Sunday night.

“It’s a good group of kids," St. Bernard head coach Wayne Willis said. "We came together as three schools at the beginning of the season to put the team together and they have been hard workers.They have put forth 100% effort the entire year. It just shows that hard work and perseverance and execution can pay off.”

Grant Goodman put the Wildcats up 6-0 with his 20-yard touchdown run.

Neither team could find the end zone again until late.

St. Bernard sealed it when Goodman’s 20-yard touchdown run put the Wildcats up 12-0 with just 15 seconds to play.

“It was great,” said Goodman. ”We came here really pumped and the coaches are amazing. We just came here with our heads up and we did it.”

While there wasn’t much scoring, the St. Bernard defense made big play after big play, Collin Lococo recorded two sacks and Goodman made one sack. Cameron Greenwell made an interception and Nick Meiman recovered a fumble.  


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