September 11th, 2016

St. Patrick sprints past St. Edward

Samantha Stallings

Staff Writer

St. Patrick sprints past St. Edward
St. Edward struggled against St. Patrick / photo by Samantha Stallings

St. Patrick’s football team cruised past St. Edwards 32-0 in a 6-A matchup Sunday afternoon at St. Bernard.

In the first drive of the game St. Patrick’s Zack Marks rushed for five yards, but was taken down by St. Edward’s Robbie Lewis.

Six plays later Marks rushed for 13 yards to put St. Patrick up 8-0 with 3:26 left in the first quarter. Nolan Wolford made the PAT.  

The Braves tried to make plays of their own but on their first drive of the game the ball was fumbled giving the ball back to St. Patrick.

St. Edward battled back though with the Braves’ Max Cherry sacking quarterback Brantley Long.

St. Patrick soon turned it over on downs and the Braves Kegan Porter rushed the ball before being tackled by Nolan Wolford and Andrew Welch to end the first quarter.

St. Edwards was unable to score punting the ball back to the Celtics to begin the second quarter.

Wolford rushed for St. Patrick second touchdown, but the point after was no good leaving the Celtics up 14-0 with 5:03 left in the first half.

The Celtics scored their first touchdown of the second half with a five-yard quarterback keeper by Wolford, but the point after was no good as the Celtics extended their lead to 20-0.

The Braves were still unable to get a touchdown when their quarterback Owen Walker was sacked by Marks.

St. Edwards Porter was unable to convert his drive to a first down turning the ball over to St. Patrick.

With 6:46 left in the game the Celtics Brantley Long threw a touchdown pass to Jack Hettinger, but St. Edwards’ Carter Guillaume blocked the point after leaving the Celtics with a 26-0 advantage.

St. Patrick’s Andrew Powell recorded a sack of his own when took down the Braves Campisano to turn it over on downs. The Celtics scored their last touchdown with two seconds left in the game with a 50 yard run by Tyce Powers to give St. Patrick the 32-0 win. 


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