October 9th, 2017

District soccer tournaments start tonight

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Conor Revell

Managing Editor

District soccer tournaments start tonight
file photo by Conor Revell

The soccer district tournaments start Monday night. District finalists will both qualify for next week’s regional tournament. The district champion will get to host a first round regional game while the district runner-up will play at a district champion.

Here’s a look at the schedule for the week involving LCSN teams.



21st at Pleasure Ridge Park

Monday – Fairdale vs. Pleasure Ridge Park, 5:30

Wednesday – Final, Fairdale-Pleasure Ridge Park winner vs. Holy Cross, 5:30

24th at Mercy

Monday – Jeffersontown vs. Fern Creek, 6

Tuesday – Jeffersontown-Fern Creek winner vs. Mercy, 6; Whitefield Academy vs. Bullitt East, 7:30

Thursday – Final, 6


25th at St. Francis

Tuesday – Central vs. Presentation, 5

Thursday – Final, Central-Presentation winner vs. Manual, 5

26th at Assumption Green

Monday – Brown vs. Assumption, 6; Collegiate vs. Male, 7:30

Wednesday – Final, 6:30

27th at Atherton

Monday – Waggener vs. Sacred Heart, 5:15; Seneca vs. Atherton, 6:30

Thursday – Final, 5:15



21st at Pleasure Ridge Park

Tuesday – Holy Cross vs. Fairdale, 5:30

Thursday – Final, Holy Cross-Fairdale winner vs. Pleasure Ridge Park, 5:30

22nd at Doss

Tuesday – Doss vs. Butler, 5:30; Iroquois vs. DeSales, 7

Wednesday – Final, 5:30


26th at St. Xavier

Tuesday – Brown vs. St. Xavier, 5:30; Male vs. Collegiate, 7

Thursday – Final, 7

27th at Atherton

Tuesday – Waggener vs. Trinity, 5:15; Atherton vs. Seneca, 7

Thursday – Final, 7:15


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