April 15th, 2018

Valkyries fall to Eastern in BraveHeart final

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Conor Revell

Managing Editor

Valkyries fall to Eastern in BraveHeart final
Valkyries and Eagles fight for the ball / photo by Conor Revell

Sacred Heart’s lacrosse team is getting closer and closer to knocking off Eastern as evidence by the chanting of the team saying “we’re getting closer and closer.”

The Valkyries lost to visiting Eastern 3-1 for the third time this season in the BraveHeart championship game Sunday.

“Like I said before, this is a journey,” Sacred Heart head coach Dennis Truman said. “Our motto this year is to embrace the journey. I’m the new coach and I have brought in a whole lot of new tactics and schemes. It’s about learning as we go.

“We had 20 turnovers in our first two games against Eastern, we had a lot less today and that allowed us to get a lot closer. We had the opportunity and held possession throughout most of the game. We are taking things off the checklist and hopefully in May we will be on the other end of this.”

It’s the first time Sacred Heart (11-3) hasn’t won its own BraveHeart title since 2012 and it’s the Eagles (12-0) first title having lost in the final in each of the past two seasons.

Eastern defeated the Valkyries 10-3 earlier this week and 9-4 last month.

“I think our sideline cheering was the biggest difference maker,” Sacred Heart goalkeeper Clara Stewart Campbell said. “It made me so happy to see us supporting one another on and off the field even the girls who don’t get to play much. That made the game a lot closer today.”

Kathryn Albrecht scored all three goals for the Eagles while Olivia Whitlock scored the lone goal for Sacred Heart.

Jordan Trabue stood in the goal for Eastern and stopped two of the five Valkyrie shots.

“They play a real tough packer zone,” Truman said. “We have a lot quick girls that can drive the ball so I think what we are learning is that we have to pass the ball and to be able to look for the assists rather than just the drives. In practice we may start using their defense to push our girls a little bit. I think we will find the back of the net eventually.”

Stewart Campbell stood in the goal for Sacred Heart and saved four of Eastern’s five shots.    

“I think the big thing on defense was stopping their drive,” Stewart Campbell said. “A lot of times they get that fast break and we wanted to shut that down because we knew we could put a body on them and get the ball turnover.”

Albrecht put the Eagles up 1-0 with 18:14 to go in the first half.

She made it 2-0 with 18:09 remaining and then scored Eastern’s final goal with 15:51 to play.

Whitlock scored the Valkyries only goal of the game with 9:20 left.

“I was thinking we have to get this in,” Whitlock said. “We have to get this goal. It could make or break something. No matter what happened, I was just going to drive. Even I didn’t have a good shot, I was just going to take it in anyway.”

This may not be the last time these two teams meet as they are the top two teams in the state of Kentucky and the next battle could be for the state title.                  

“Our goal going into the game was to win the possession battle,” Truman said. “We wanted to keep the ball on our end as much as possible. They have some goal scorers and we wanted to keep the ball out of their offenses hands. We came up short by a couple of goal but I think we made progress.”             


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