April 9th, 2018

Toppers score often in win over Fern Creek

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Conor Revell

Managing Editor

Toppers score often in win over Fern Creek
Presentation's Kayla Harp draws one of her three walks / photo by Conor Revell

Presentation’s softball team used their bats to cruise to a 15-4 victory over host Fern Creek Monday night.

“We just got done talking about how when we jumped out to our big lead and not resting, I think we kind of did,” Pres head coach Matt Meagher said. “But, give Fern Creek credit; I think Julia (Smith) started pitching well and we had to adjust. We bounced back after the lull and had another big inning.”

The Toppers (6-4) recorded 14 hits, walked six times, and was plunked three times, and every player got on base at least once as it was a rough day for Fern Creek pitcher Julia Smith who pitched the entire game.

“I feel like we were just waiting on the pitches,” Madeline Meagher said. “We usually don’t do that and struggle at being patient. But, we were waiting on it and hitting when we got a good pitch.”

Fern Creek (1-5) fell behind 10-0 as Pres scored five runs in the first inning, one run in the second inning, one run in the third inning, and three runs in the fourth inning.

The Tigers then clawed their way back into it and scored three runs in the fourth and a run in the fifth to make it 10-3 after holding the Toppers scoreless in the top half of the inning.

However, Pres came back with the dagger and scored five runs in the sixth, three off a bases loaded triple by Nicole Kuchma who was inches away from a grand slam.

“She’s one of the most powerful hitters that we have,” Matt Meagher said. “When that went off the bat, we thought it was gone. Of course, it’s 230 feet to center field and it hit off the fence. It was a good hit. She’s very powerful, when she picks her pitch, she’s a tough out.”

It wasn’t just the hitting, the Topper defense made some big plays too.

Center fielder Lili Cortese saved a run with a diving catch in the fourth that saved a run and prevented the score from being 10-4 and Ashlynn Tucker threw out Devin Coole from left field that stopped Fern Creek from getting to within 10-5 in the fifth.

“We were standing quite deep because we want to make sure that they didn’t hit a double,” Cortese said of her catch. “I knew it was coming and I dove for it and hoped to make the catch. I probably dive a little bit more than I should, but it paid off this time.”

It wasn’t the first time Cortese had made a big play. She robbed two home runs from Holy Cross last month.

“She’s fearless,” Matt Meager said of Cortese. “We try to instill that in everybody. Don’t be afraid to make the play you don’t think you can make and Lili has done a good job of doing that. Now, she’s making those types of plays often. That’s good to see.”

Kuchma reached base three times and went 2 for 4 with three RBIs. Freshman Jenna Reliford was 3 for 4 with two singles, a double, and a walk.

“I was hoping that triple was out of there,” Kuchma said. “I just needed to do my job because my teammates went ahead and got on base for me. I was thinking in my head just give me something good to hit.”

Ashlynn Tucker went 2 for 4, drove in a run, and was plunked once. Courtney Jackson went 2 for 4 and drove in two runs. Madeline Meagher was 2 for 4.

“Courtney can hit one over and she can hit the gap,” Matt Meagher said. “She’s great running around the bases so she has a good head on her shoulder. She’s intelligent. She’s an all-around player and does a good job for us.”

Lily Cortese went 1 for 4 and had three RBIs. Alexis Cammack was 1 for 3 and had one run batted in. Riley Harp had a run scoring single in her only plate appearance. Kayla Harp walked three times and had an RBI. Rainey Hettinger was hit by a pitch.

Madeline Meagher started in the circle for the Toppers and allowed three runs and six hits and struck out two and walked one in four innings. Reliford pitched one inning and gave up one run and three hits in an inning. Sierra Willis pitched the seventh and struck out two.

“I was throwing a lot of curves to the outside and they were having trouble,” Madeline Meagher said. “I threw some inside pitches too.”

Shelby Cundiff led the Tigers going 3 for 3 and drove in a run. Sophia Benavidez and Devin Coole both went 2 for 3 and had one RBI. Kamille Hayes drove in a run, Abby Carmen went 1 for 3, and Smith went 2 for 3. 


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