June 15th, 2018

20 Questions with Tate McCormick

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Conor Revell

Managing Editor

20 Questions with Tate McCormick
Tate McCormick / photo provided by the McCormick family

On a weekly basis, Louisville Catholic Sports posts the Campbellsville University-Louisville “20 Questions” feature that highlights a high school student-athlete in the local Catholic high school community. If there is a specific athlete that you’d like to know more about, email future suggestions to crevell@catholicsportsnet.com.

Name: Tate McCormick

Age: 17

Current school: Recent Mercy alum.

Current Sports playing: Softball

Parish/grade school attended: St. Edward

High school GPA: 4.0 

Colleges considering or attending: I will attend Bellarmine University in the fall. 

1. What is your proudest athletic moment? My proudest athletic moment was diving to catch the game winning out against Ballard my junior year. 

2. What is your ideal meal/snack before a game? My ideal meal/snack before a game is a Coke and a medium fry from McDonald’s. 

3. If you were trying out for American Idol, what would be your "go to" song? My “go to” song would be Dancing On My Own by Calum Scott if I ever tried out for American Idol. 

4. Which athlete do you look up to on a college/professional level? Why? The athlete I look up to is Stephen Piscotty. I look up to him because he fought a tough battle when his mother passed away from Lou Gehrig’s disease. He never gave up on his team or the love of the game. 

5. What is your favorite movie quote? My favorite movie quote is “It’s supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. The hard is what makes it great.” - A League of Their Own. 

6. How does your faith impact your approach to sports? My faith impacts my approach to sports every time I walk out on the field. It impacts the way I pull for my teammates and compete against the other team. Since freshman year the three outfielders have always prayed before the start of every defensive inning. It helps to know that God is always with me during my games. 

7. What is your favorite cartoon character? My favorite cartoon character is Scooby-Doo.

8. All-time favorite board game? My favorite board game is probably Trouble. 

9. Droid, iPhone, or Blackberry? Favorite app? I have an iPhone and my favorite app has to be Twitter. 

10. What is your favorite local restaurant? My favorite local restaurant is Momma’s BBQ. 

11. What is your favorite reality TV show? My favorite reality TV show is The Voice. 

12. What is your greatest fear? My greatest fear is definitely drowning. 

13. What is your best quality/characteristic? My best quality/ characteristic is probably my outgoing personality. 

14. Favorite junk/comfort food? My favorite comfort food is Graeter’s ice cream. 

15. What is your favorite hour of the day? Why? My favorite hour of the day is probably 7pm because that is around the time I eat dinner. 

16. What is your nickname and how did you get it? My nickname is TaterBug or Tater. I got these nicknames from my parents when I was little and most of my friends call me by these names. 

17. Where is your favorite place to volunteer/provide community service? My favorite place to volunteer is Americana Tutor Center. I had so much fun helping little kids learn how to read and write during senior service. 

18. What is one hidden talent that you possess? A hidden talent that I possess is that I can make a perfect pig noise with my mouth. 

19. If time machines were real, and you could choose just one - to travel forward or backward - which would you select and why? If time machines were real, I would want to travel back in time to relive all my favorite memories. 

20. If you could pick one person, dead or alive, and ask them just one question that they had to answer honestly, who would you pick and what would you ask? I would pick Muhammad Ali and ask him how it felt to defeat Zigzy Pietrzykowski and take home the gold medal from the 1960 Rome Olympics. 


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